2017 Winter Outfit Ideas – Get Ready with Me!

Not sure how to dress for 2017 Winter? Come check out 2017 Winter Outfit Ideas so you will be the trendiest of them all!

Hey girls!

Are we already getting into the holiday spirits?! I mean Christmas is just around the corner! Are we all on Santa’s good list this year 😉 Have we planned what we would like to get this year for Christmas? I haven’t been hinting my hubby about what I want yet… so he might need to figure that out himself haha

But Christmas is not all about the gifts and presents, it’s also a time to celebrate with all our love ones, from family to friends parties! With all these parties going on and meeting our bestie, we would love to look our best and take gorgeous photos for memories!

Well, shall we take a look at a few outfit ideas that will make you look chic and not over dressed for parties?

1. Lace up Sweater 

Outfit IdeasI cannot tell you how much I love these Lace up sweaters, they are so easy to carry, look a little sexy in some way and it is not overly dressy. Match this outfits with a pair of legging and long boots is prefect for a little lunch or afternoon tea gathering!

Lace up Sweater: Hollister

2. Bell Sleeves Sweater/ Dress

Outfit Ideas
Hey guess what! Bell sleeves are back! Aren’t they just so cute! It’s so classy and it makes you have that feminine look when you walk around waving that sleeves. I am sure everyone will adore you with your fashion sense! (ps. becareful when you wash your hands… these sleeves do like to play with water if you don’t pull them up haha)

Bell Sleeves Dress: Zara

Bell Sleeves Sweater: Zara

3. Over-sized Sweater + OTK boots

Outfit Ideas
Isn’t this an all time favourite? Cozy sweater with a cup of hot cocoa and just hang out with your family by the fireplace. Match it up with or without legging and a pair of OTK boots, and you are good to go girl! Easy right?

Over-Sized Sweater: Uniqlo

Over the Knee Boots: Marc Fisher

Wallet/Clutch: Prada

4. Turtle Neck Sweater

Outfit Ideas

It seems like a cold winter this year… if you party is landing on a really cold weather day… I suggest this to you! Keep your neck warm and don’t get sick for this fun season! Turtle Neck Sweater and ankle boots! You look the cutest girl!

Turtle Neck Sweater Dress: Zara

Ankle Boots: Vince Camuto

Wallet/ Clutch: Ted Baker

5. Velvet Dress

Outfit Ideas
Alright here’s probably my favourite of all these choices! Velvet material! From velvet dress, legging, tops anything velvet! You cannot go wrong if you put any of these pieces on you! Hottest choice this year, weather you are going to an office party, night club, or friends gather, these little shiny clothe will make you shine even more! These subtle yet noticeable shine is just so mysterious yet so lovely! Give it a try, I never knew how good it looks until I try this on myself!

Velvet Dress: Zara

High Heels: Just Fab

Wallet on Chain: Chanel

Hey, hope this can help you decide for to wear for your fun-filled holiday!

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  1. Hi Crystal,

    Marieta here (ootd_in_style on Instagram). 😉 I totally love this post! That velvet dress from Zara is so super cute and so it the blush lace-up!

    Enjoy all the celebrations to come!

    Merry Christmas & XOXO,

  2. Those lace up sweaters look beautiful on you! I’m still on a look out for a pretty one but just can’t find one that suits me! x

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