Best 5 Japan Budget Hotel Chains for Cheap and Clean Sleeps!

Japan Budget Hotel

Looking for clean, cheap, and convenient hotels for your next Japan trip? Definitely check out of of these best 5 best budget hotel chains in Japan!

What can I expect in the Japan Budget Hotel?

Also known as the “business hotels”, the Japanese budget hotel chains originally targeted business travelers accommodation when they are on trips around Japan. As they are on business trips, there are no amenities provided; it is basically bed and breakfast with emphasis on location, cleanness, convenience, and budget. Average rate is usually under under ¥10,000/night for major cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama), and under ¥8,000/night outside big cities.

Budget hotel would work well for Japan travelers as you will spend most of the day exploring the cities anyway, and only need a safe and comfortable bed to sleep on in order to recharge for next day’s adventure.

You can expect the no-frills experience with the basic necessities: compact a room with a bed, desk, WiFi, television, refrigerator, hot shower, clean toilets. Some hotel chains (e.g. Toyoko Inn and Super Hotel) also include free breakfast, which are usually simple Japanese style such as Miso soup, rice balls, eggs, and bread.

Japan Budget Hotel

Without further ado, here are the best 5 budget hotel chains in Japan! For price comparison, we have pick a hotel in the Tokyo area and compare the price of a double room.

#5 Sunroute Hotel

Japan Budget HotelWith 73 locations across Japan, the Sunroute Hotel chain provides comfortable rooms, breakfast made with local ingredients, and walking distance to major transport stations in Tokyo and Osaka.

Price: Hotel Sunroute Higashi Shinjuku ¥9,672 for Economy Double room (rate for Dec 2016)


#4 APA Hotels

Japan Budget Hotel

APA stands for Always Pleasant Amenity, APA hotels aim to providing the warmth and comfort of traditional Japanese inns, the refinement of progressive city hotels, and the reasonable price of business hotels. The APA group has over 150 properties in Japan, and have recently open the first US location in New Jersey.

Price: APA HOTEL Ikebukuro Eki-Kitaguchi ¥8,900 for Semi-Double room (rate for Dec 2016)


#3 Tokyu Stay

Japan Budget Hotel

Tokyu Stay are slightly different than the other budget hotel chains on this list as they aim to provide a more apartment feel. With 15 locations across Tokyo area, all rooms included washer and dryers for your laundry needs and microwave and basic kitchenette so you can prepare simple meals.

Price: Tokyu Stay Ikebukuro ¥10,200 for Semi-Double room (rate for Dec 2016)


#2 Super Hotels

Japan Budget Hotel

Super Hotels are one of the best budget hotels in Japan as they are the awarded the 2015 Japan Quality Award for #1 Hotel Guest Satisfaction for the hotels <¥9,000 per night! There are 119 hotels located all over Japan, with focus on safety, cleaniness, and comfort. Fresh and healthy free breakfast is provided every morning with organic salad, original dressings, and local rice. Some hotels also include on-site onsen or public baths!

Price: Super Hotel JR Ikebukuro Nishiguchi ¥8,700 for Super Double room (rate for Dec 2016)


#1 Toyoko Inn

Japan Budget Hotel

Toyoko Inn is definitely our favourite budget hotel chain in Japan. There are over 200 hotels located all over Japan, most of them are conveniently located close to major JR rail stations. This is the ultimate no-frills hotel experience as all the hotels are identical, with the same layout, small but functional rooms, cleanliness, reliable Wifi, and free breakfast!

Also, definitely consider joining the Toyoko Inn Club if you stay there more than 5 nights! For a membership fee of ¥1,500, you can have 5% off on weekdays and 20% off for weekends!

Price: Toyoko Inn Tokyo Ikebukuro Kita-guchi No.1 ¥5,840for Economy Double room (rate for Dec 2016)


Hope this post helps you in finding your budget hotel for your next Japan trip!

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