It’s a Wooly World!

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Has this cold winter hit everyone yet? It sure did in Toronto… As it gets into February it would probably get colder… brrrrrrrr

What shall we do to keep warm in this winter? I prefer wearing something that is made with wool! Wool is possibly one of my favourite material for Winter. Its warm, stylish and elegant!

I personally don’t own a lot of clothes, but I always mix and match it to give every piece of clothing a fresh look with different combo. This combo here you would probably recognize the dress from previous post: How to Dress to Look Skinny in Winter 2017. Also the top wooly turtle neck you will see my next combo in a few weeks!

My Wooly World Combo

What I am wearing:

Turtle Neck Sweater: Golden by TNA in Heather Charcoal

Long Turtle Neck Sweater Dress: Uniqlo

Ankle Boots: Steve Madden

Find similar here:

Side notes: I love the split side from the TNA sweater. It gives a little loose end so it doesn’t look very bulking like other sweaters.

Date Night Wooly Combo

Combo for a date night?

Easy! Wear the turtle neck sweater dress with a wooly peacoat! Simple and sophisticated for a delightful night with your love! A little playful and curly hair will automatically add to the look 🙂

Wallet on Chain: Chanel

Simply match this outfit with a wallet on chain or small clutch. You are ready with so fun!

Side notes: I like to match my outfit with the same tone of colour. However, if you like a little bit of pop colour here, you can add a camel colour clutch or a clutch with sparkling touch would be nice too!

How do you like this idea? Hope it helps to keep you warm this winter! Let me know by commenting below! If there’s any outfit idea or things that you want to see let me know by emailing me [email protected]! I will do my best!

In the meantime check out my Instagram – Mizzmok for more fashion and lifestyle ideas!

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  1. Hi I am Chloe 🙂
    I am a Korean-Canadian living in Toronto and saw you on Instagram.
    I also like fashion, beauty and especially DIY, and I thnk we have something in common!
    I will come to your blog often, please check out my page as well~!

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