Mabu Generation Review: Modern Taiwanese at its best

Mabu Generation

About Mabu Generation

Mabu Generation
Address: 3235 Hwy 7 #23-26, Markham, ON L3R 3P3
Phone: (905) 604-8358

Mabu Generation is a modern Taiwanese fusion restaurant that basically serves anything you can think of. What is impressive about this restaurant is the constant lineup. Despite locating in First Markham Place with tons of restaurants located in the mall, Mabu Generation always generate lots of visitor with queues even on weekday nights at 9pm. However, the variety of food and quality is definitely worth the wait. Mabu Generation strive for authenticity and annual they send chefs to Taiwan for training. Tips: they take reservation for weeknights, but not weekends.

Mabu GenerationThe restaurant is elegantly decorated with traditional Taiwanese décor. There is a large wall painting of JiuFen region of Taiwan. The walls are also filled with Taiwanese posters and merchandise from the 70s and 80s. Sitting are large and comfy with great atmosphere created by the dim lights.

The service was excellent as staffs are very knowledgeable and will happily explain the menu. They are also very attentive and will make sure your water cup is always filled or will add soup for the hotpot.


Mabu Generation

The most impressive aspect of Mabu Generation is the sheer number of items that are offered on the menu. There are hotpots, rice, metal plates, noodles, fried snacks, drinks, dessert, to even alcoholic drinks. The menu is beautifully made with colorful illustrations. But the toughest part of the visit is probably choosing what you want as everything just looks so amazing. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff and they will happily provide recommendations.

Mabu GenerationWe tasted the personal hotpot House Special Hot Soup w/ Instant Noodle. Despite the name “personal”, the portion was quite large and it is best shared with 2-3 people. There were lots of toppings inside the hotpot including nappa, cabbage, enoki mushroom, meat ball, beef, just to name a few. The broth was very rich and spicy and tasted authentic. There is also an instant noodle served on the side so you can add on later.

Mabu GenerationBeside the hotpot, we ordered a few side dishes to share. We loved Taiwanese style  popcorn chicken, and we must say that Mabu Generation has the best that we ever tried. The chicken was perfectly fried with crispy exterior and warm and tender meat inside. The chicken is also marinated well with a unique flavor to it. The sauce was excellent too. This is a must try item!

Mabu GenerationDeep Fried Stuffed Cheese Pork Chop is a unique dish that makes the Japanese fried cutlet with a unique twist. It is filled with cheese inside so the cheese sauce will flow out when you cut the pork. It is certainly an interesting dish, also sided with fries.

Mabu GenerationGrilled beef tongue is made with sea salt is sided with green onions. It is very tasty and the green onion sides bring out the flavor of the beef tongue.

The highlights of Mabu Generation are definitely its dessert. There are so many to choose from, all of them visually appealing and tasted great.

Mabu GenerationRaindrop Cake with Sakura looks amazing and is very Instagrammable. It is made from clear jello with sakura (cheery bloomsome) stuffed inside and crushed Cheerios on the side.

Mabu GenerationJapanese style matcha double formage cheese cake is served with red bean paste on the side. The cheesecake was delightful and very light and fluffy inside.

Mabu GenerationJapanese style soybean milk tiramisu serves in in a box. It looks very appealing with a mix of sponge cake, lady finger, and tiramisu cream.

Being a Taiwanese place, there is also an extensive selection bubble teas and drinks.

Oreo milk green tea makes it look like a pot of plant with oreo on the top and green leafs as decorations.

Mabu Generation

Strawberry Milk Snow Shake is perfect for hot summer day and will definitely cool you down!

Mabu Generation

Overall we enjoyed Mabu Generation a lot and was very impressed by their vast menu selection, décor, and also food quality. We especially loved their popcorn chicken, hotpot, and dessert selections. Would recommend anyone to want a taste of Taiwan in Toronto to at least come for a visit!

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