Mokolate Plays: Sphero BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Force Friday! Today Mokolate is very excited to share with everyone the unboxing and review of one of the hottest toy this year (or ever)…the Sphero BB-8 Droid from the upcoming new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens!

We all love R2-D2, the droid from the original Star Wars movie. It is one of Mokolate’s favourite robot ever and we had the Lego R2-D2 set, which is a very cool toy too!


But in the new Star Wars movie, R2-D2 is getting an adorable brother, the ball shaped BB-8! BB-8 was first introduced to the world in the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer where it was spinning (running?) very fast!

While at this point as the movie is not released yet, we still don’t know much about BB-8. There are rumors that BB-8 is actually from the dark side! What we just know that similar to R2-D2, BB-8 fits onto the X-Wing’s droid socket, but it sits on the new Black X-Wing instead of R2-D2’s white X-Wing with Luke Skywalker.

Enough about introduction of BB-8, let’s get to the toy!

On Force Friday, Mokolate was very lucky to get the Sphero BB-8 toy, which flied out of the shelves within hours it was available online!


The BB-8 was very nicely packaged, with Star Wars theme everywhere starting from the box to the inside flap (that is a very cute BB-8 logo!)


The box comes with a very basic instruction, which basically tells you how to connect the USB charger, and how to put BB-8’s cute head on its ball body. Even though the body is a ball, the head needs to fit on a specific spot to connect to the magnet inside, so make sure to put the ball on the ground first (the ball will automatically roll into place) and put the head on top!


After the instruction and one more flap, we finally see the cute BB-8!! The box comes with 4 parts, the head, the body (ball), the charger, and a box containing the USB cable.


Overall the BB-8 was very nicely built, the body was very sturdy and the coloring was done very well. We have not seen a real BB-8 (we hope there is a real one somewhere!) but we are sure it would look very alike to the Sphero one!


Here is the head, which has two eyes and 2 antenna


The last part was the charging base, which is nicely Star Wars and BB-8 themed


Here is BB-8 on its first charge, it lights up when it starts!


BB-8 takes 3 hour to fully charge, which would then yield 1 hour of play time.

Please see here for the full unboxing video!

When it is done, we finally took BB-8 on a spin. We built a custom test track for BB-8 for it to go through!

BB-8 certainly did well and also made a lot of friends on the way! At the end he was able to find his brother R2-D2!


Overall Mokolate is very impressed with the toy, and we are sure that this will even be more popular when the movie is out this December! We also hope that Sphero can add more functionality to BB-8 in future firmware upgrades!

Hope you enjoy BB-8, please remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel @MokolateChannel and follow our instagram @mizzmok for more cool toys!

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