Mokolate Travels: New York City – Where to Eat, Shop, and Have Fun! (Part 1)

Mokolate visited New York City during the August Civic Holiday long weekend, check out below for the coolest place to eat, shop, and have fun in the Big Apple, one of the coolest city in the world!


Where to Go?

  1. Rockefeller Center


Right in the heart of Midtown NY is the Rockefeller Center, a historical landmark with lots of shops and restaurant! Last time Mokolate visited during Christmas, and there was a stunning sparkling Christmas tree, with the restaurant turned into a big skating rink. It is also home of NBC, with a big gift shop for all the Minions and Friends fans. Definitely check out the stores close by too, the Lego Shop, Tous, and Nintendo World are just steps away.


2. Lego Store

Right beside the skating rink of the Rockefeller Center is a huge Lego Store, a must visit for all Lego fans! There are a lot of miniature Lego model of the New York landmarks throughout the store, a big green dragon, and walls full of colorful Lego bricks!


3. Nintendo World

Just a short walk from the Rockefeller Center is the Nintendo World. This is one of the world’s only Nintendo store, where you can find all your favorite Nintendo characters, from Mario, Pikachu, Animal Crossing, and even the new game Captain Toad! There are demos throughout the floors where you can try all the Wii U and 3DS games. Another cool exhibit is the display case for all the Amiibos ever released, including all the rare ones!

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3. Uniqlo

Uniqlo, the Japanese casual clothing brand, has a world flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. It is 3 stories full of Uniqlo goodies. On the middle floor there is a vast selection of UT, which are uniquely designed t-shirts! Mokolate were able to find t-shirts from the Pixar collection including Monster Inc and Mr. Potato Head!

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4. Central Park

One thing that makes New York unique from other cities is the Central Park, which is a huge park in the middle of the city. It is a very good way to spend your weekend afternoon, perfect for taking pictures, playing model ships on a pond, watching street performance, or just to enjoy the summer sunshine!


5. Grand Central Terminal

The hub of transportation for New York City, this is a must visit too even when you are not catching a train! Check out the historical building that is a hub for millions of commuters, and there is also an Apple Store in the concourse. There is a good food selection too, with Shake Shack, and also Juniors for a slide of their famous Cheesecake!


5. Times Square

No trip to New York is complete without a stop at the world famous Time Square. This is the place for the annual New Year’s Eve downtown, and also one of the most crowded place in the world! Check out both during the day and at night as it is two completely different atmosphere with the lights on! There is a good shopping selection around Times Square, with Disney Store, M&M, Hershey’s, Toysrus, just to name a few!

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6. Time Square Toys R Us

This is a dreamland for all kids (and adults), with multiple floors filled with the coolest toys and gadgets around the world! The store is full of elaborate decorations, such as human sized SpongeBob, Legos, and Minions! There is also the famous Ferris Wheel that is in the middle of the store! Rumor is that this iconic Toys R Us will be closing soon, so definitely check out while you still have a chance!


7. Hershey Store

For all chocolate lovers out there, this is dreamland! It is a store full of Hershey’s chocolate, from Kisses to Kit-Kat to Reese. This store has a very extensive collection with goodies that are not easily found in local stores!


Stay tuned for Part 2 of the guide where Mokolate will cover some of New York’s Must Eat!

Check out the Video Tour below!

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