Olive Wren Bedding – The Way to a Good Night Sleep

How important is sleep to you? For as long as I can remember, I love to roll around in my bed until I hit that comfy spot and hug my duvet to fall asleep. A good bedding is very important to me, I love something very smooth with a touch of luxury. After I tried Olive Wren bedding, I have found the one. OLIVE WREN is a new brand of luxury bedding made from French grown flax linen for the mindful and modern homes at an affordable prices.

Olive Wren Bedding

What makes Olive Wren Bedding unique

Flax Linen: Olive Wren uses flax linen for their beddings. These are sourced from Southern France. The reason Olive Wren chose to use flax over cotton is because, flax requires fewer fertilizers/ pesticides, therefore its much better than environment!

Softness: Olive Wren linen has been pre-washed with pumice stones to let the linen has that relaxed texture to feel close to skin when its over your body.

Breathable and Durable: A linen set that can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter! Olive Wren flax linen are 3x more durable than cotton, also it is super light weight so it feels like a baby’s touch over your body.

Olive Wren BeddingMy experience with Olive Wren Bedding

I have receive the Oliver Wren bedding a couple months ago, It’s been through a couple wash and used. The quality is still very luxurious, the more I wash it, the softer it gets! I do not iron my bed sheets or anything. The photo you see above is exactly how it looks like after a few wash. It is just so soft that I can cuddle all the time!

P.S If you are late for work because you can’t get out of your comfy Olive Wren bedding… well I am not going to judge you 😉

Olive Wren Bedding

Affordable Beddings

Olive Wren has the visions for luxury bedding but without the expensive mark up. Anni and Jacob, the co-founder for Olive Wren believes that “home is more than just the physical space. A beautiful home reminds us the good things in life such as harmony, health, and happiness.” With that inspiration in mind, they believe a luxury bedding doesn’t need to be overly priced. Their beddings are starting from $135 USD. Check them out here for all the options! They also come in two other shades, Blush and Navy.

Olive Wren Bedding

Olive Wren has changed my visions for linen beddings. Often I would imagine linen wouldn’t be a good choice of bedding. However, after trying Olive Wren’s, it has completely change my thought. I would most definitely recommend this to you. A night of good sleep is probably more important than good food!


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