One Ten Cafe Review: Matcha Macaron Matched in Heaven

One Ten Cafe

About One Ten Café

One Ten Cafe
Address: 110-28 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M2N 2G7
Phone: (647) 947-2766

One Ten Café is located at the busy intersection of Yonge and Finch, where there are numerous bubble tea places and Korean restaurant. But One Ten Café definitely stands out from the rest as they offer creative drinks with no artificial stuff that are not found anywhere else on menu.

One Ten Cafe

It is in unit 110 of the building and hence the name. The café’s design is contemporary and minimal. There are limited seats along the wall, so this place is mainly for takeout.
One Ten CafeThe owners are animations fan with lots of characters scattered around the café. They are great for photo props! There are also other Instagram worthy elements such as the Hello Gorgeous wall sign, cactus plants, and light boxes.


One Ten CafeTheir menu their menu is fairly extensive with numerous drinks, such as milk tea, organic fresh milk tea, fresh fruit slushes, iced tea, fresh fruit tea, espresso based drinks, and fresh brewed tea with moustache cream – available with in salted cheese cream or matcha cheese cream. They are also constantly expanding their menu with secret items being added on. If you are confused about the menu, don’t worry, as the baristas are very friendly and helpful and will gladly explain the menu and provide suggestions.
One Ten CafeWe tasted their signature drink, Maca Mactha. It is matcha fresh milk tea topped with crushed macarons. This is a match made in heaven as it mixed two of our favorite things, matcha and macarons. The drink is made with premium matcha and you can definitely tasted the difference. It is topped with macaron on top, which adds some sweet flavors to the drink.

One Ten CafeThe other drink we tasted was the Passionfruit lemon high mountain tea. It is made with fresh lemon and decorated with cute smiley face on top.

One Ten CafeOne Ten Café have also been starting to offer food and they have the Hong Kong style egg waffle. It is a perfect snacks to go with the drinks for an afternoon break.

Overall we enjoyed One Ten Café and would definitely come back for our matcha cravings!
One Ten Cafe
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