Ringly Go Review: Best looking Fitness Tracker Ever

Ladies, we gotta admit… we exercise is because not only for our health but also for a better figure. Let’s face it, we women are probably the biggest spenders on this planet. And why? Because we like pretty looking things! When we see something pretty we just want to own it. All I want to say is… we can all add a little prettiness to our workout routine… by having a Ringly!

There are so many fitness trackers in the market now, but they are not really pretty. Ya there are Fitbit and other ones that are bigger in the market… but I always hesitate buying them because of the look. It just doesn’t fit my day to day outfit to work. I mean yes sometimes I can be more sporty but most of the time I am with the office look.


So I am actually really happy that tingly came up with this jewelry look alike fitness tracker. The one that I own is their newest collection – Ringly Go. They also have other ones like Ringly Luxe smart bracelet and also Luxe Smart Ring! Honestly the ring was my first choice but then I own thousands of other rings… so I cannot devote myself in just wearing this everyday so I went with the Ringly Go, which is more casual and easier to match my outfit!

I have tested out Ringly Go while I went to Montreal for the Long weekend. So far so good, Battery life was good. I charge it every other day. The information collected by the Ringly Go is sync nicely with my iPhone Ringly App. Keeps track of my steps and calories.


I love these little device because I get to know how much I have walked and how much calories I have burnt through out the day… so maybe I can be lazy at night and not exercise haha…

I would recommend this product for yourself or even a gift for your friends! The price is reasonable and it’s definitely more than just a pretty piece of jewelry!


Hope you enjoyed this review of Ringly Go smart bracelet! In the meantime, be sure to visit my Instagram – Mizzmok for more fashion and lifestyle idea!

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