Squish Candies @ STC Review – Cutest and yummiest Prosecco Bears gourmet gummies ever!

Hi guys! Guess what’s happening in 6 weeks? It’s Christmas time! We all know what that means, it’s shopping and gifting time. Are we all thinking about what kind of gifts to get for our friends and family or Kris Kringle at parties? Let me suggest a little something that everyone will like this Christmas season!

A few days ago, we went to Scarborough Town Center (STC) and we discovered a new sweets paradise corner located at the upper level area around the main escalator where all the Christmas trees decor are. In this sweet corner, there is the famous Sweet Jesus, Love Me Sweet Bakery AND Squish Candies.

Squish Candies is the store that I would suggest you to get your little gifts giving this Christmas Season! This is actually my second time to come across Squish Candies. Their first location is inside CF Toronto Eaton Centre located at the Husdson’s Bay concourse level. I didn’t know much about this candy store until few days ago, a very nice employee of theirs gave me an intro to their store.

Squish Candies, was first found in Montreal in 2014, and they are North America’s first artisanal candy store that has over 100 awesomely flavoured gourmet gummies. So what makes them so speical? Well, their candies are no GMO modified, fat free, vegan, no artificial colours and no artificial flavors! Wow, if that’s not enough to make you amaze, here’s more!

They categorized their favours under: Intense, Fruity, Calm, Decadent, Cocktail, Mixed. Under each category, there are tons of favours to choose from, and of course they come in such cute little shape too! Can you guess which one was my favourite? The Prosecco Bears! This is their limited edition bears under the cocktail section featuring champagne bubble favour! I love their gummies texture as well, it’s chewy but it’s not sticky (I don’t like it when sometimes the candies are too sticky and stuck to your teeth haha) I would say this is the cutest and yummiest gummies bear ever!

To spike it up a little, they have the 24 days calendar for the Christmas season! I took a sneak peak at the back of these boxes and oh man it’s so beautiful! I wish I can have one by December 1 (hint hint!)

So there it is to our review of the Squish Candies store at Scarborough Town Centre, come back next time for our review of the newest location of the always-long-line-up ice cream shop of Toronto, Sweet Jesus.

Alrighty, here’s my little tips for you, hope it can help you out this Christmas season! Stay tuned I will have more tips for ya!

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November 13, 2016

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