Top 5 2016 Budget Christmas Gift Idea for Him Under $100

2016 Christmas gift ideas for him

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday finished, the gift-giving season of 2016 has officially kicked off! Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for him this Christmas and don’t want to break the wallet? Here are top 5 budget Christmas gift idea in 2016, and best of all, they are all under $100!

2016 Christmas gift ideas for him

Buying Christmas gifts for him is always tougher than buying gifts for her

For all the guys, buying Christmas gifts for her is pretty easy as the malls and shops are mostly female products. A guy can walk into the department store or shopping mall, and just select the latest fashion trends or hot items, purchase it for their significant others, sometimes gift wrapping is also free. Most of the time, the ladies will love the gift!

For the ladies, Christmas gifts for guys are always much more difficult, because there are much less selections and choices. And guys will never tell you what they really wanted!

But don’t worries, today we will show you the hottest Christmas gift ideas for him in Christmas 2016, so you can buy the perfect gift easily! We have kept this post wallet friendly, so all items can be purchased for less than $100!

#5 Tie / Belts

If he has to dress up for work, a tie is always an excellent Christmas gift idea as a guy can never have enough ties. Alternatively, belts would make a very nice gift too! These work especially well as he can think of you during the day when he sees the tie or belts!

#4 Gift Cards

2016 Christmas Gift Idea GIft Card

Guys are usually very practical, and even though it may not sound very thoughtful, most guys would not mind receiving a gift card as a Christmas gift, especially for stores that they often shop at!

Don’t just get random gift cards that no one will actually use, get him the useful ones:

  • Coffee lovers: Starbucks / Tim Hortons
  • Techies: Amazon / Best Buy
  • Music / Apps lover: iTunes (for iPhone user) / Google Play (for Android)
  • Video Gamers: Xbox Live if he has a Xbox One / PSN if he has a PS4

#3 Streaming Subscriptions

2016 Gift Idea Streaming Subscriptions

With streaming becoming the new norm these days, all guys would need to have subscribed to services such as Netflix to catch up with all the latest show or Spotify to keep up with the latest albums. By getting him the subscriptions as the perfect Christmas gift, you can Netflix and chill with him in all of 2017!

#2 Wireless Headphones

2016 Christmas gift idea headphones

A headphone is a must have for guys, as they use them everywhere, from the daily subway commute, staying awake in office, to the pumping up playlist in the gym.

With the iPhone 7 and the jackless phones, chances are that he will need a good pair of wireless headphone in order to be future-proof!

If you need suggestion on wireless headphones, definitely check out our review on the Sudio Vasa BLA Wireless headphones!

#1 Video games

If he is a gamer, that will make things much easier. Just pick the top AAA game that he doesn’t have already, and for sure he will be happy with the Christmas gift as he will probably get it for himself anyway!

Here are the hottest AAA video games for 2016 Holiday seasons:
1. Final Fantasy XV
2. Watch Dog 2
3. Yakuza 6 (Japanese import)
4. Latest version of the sports game that he is into (i.e. NBA/NHL/FIFA/PES)
5. Overwatch

What if he already has all the games he wants? You can always preorder the upcoming new releases for him!

While new release videos games are expensive, watch for Boxing day deals as Best Buy or other major retailers will discount AAA titles to around $49.99. Also, keep in mind that Amazon offer 20% off for all preorders!

Hope this post helps you to find the perfect Christmas gift for him this holiday season! In the mean time check out my Instagram – Mizzmok for more lifestyle ideas!



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