What Gifts To Get for Her This Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping up this year! Do you have anything in mind that you want your Mr to get for you yet? In another word, guys, this is a gift guide for you to follow to make your girl happy!

1 – Flowers

Valentine's DayLuxFlowerBox: https://www.luxflowerbox.com/

Berry Blush: https://berryblush.com/

Flowers are definitely a “must have” for Valentine’s day! Girls would never refused flowers!

OR if you are planning to propose on the day *hint hint* these are the must of flower boxes!

Check out @luxflowerbox and @berryblush for their flower box details!

2 – Dessert

Valentine's DayNugateau: http://nugateau.com/

MoRoCo Chocolat: http://www.morocochocolat.com/

Does your girl have a sweet tooth? Get her some of the most instagramable sweetness to let her show off on social media!

These are probably the best Eclair in town, also check out my blog review on Nugateau.

Is she a shoes lover? Then you can’t get away with these beautiful chocolate heels from Moroco Chocolat! She will love it so much!

3 – Jewellery

Valentine's DayLuna and Co: http://www.lunandco.com/

Mejuri: https://mejuri.com/

Like I have mentioned, if you are looking to do a sweet proposal or give her a little promise ring or may simply a beautiful custom jewelry. Here’s my top choices for you! Contact @Lunandco for custom pieces of jewelry, they can customize any jewelry to fit your budget!

If she’s on the minimal side, @mejuri is definitely a great choice for her with these little gold rings!

4 – Watch

Valentine's DayDaniel Wellington: https://www.danielwellington.com

Boldr: http://boldrwatches.com/

Jord: https://www.woodwatches.com/

Let the watch remind her how much you miss her every minutes your life! My personal favorites would be the watches! From Boldr, Daniel Wellington, and Jord, they all have a different style. Which one does your girl like the most?

Also check out my blog and giveaway contest for Jord!

5 – Lipsticks

Valentine's DayBite Lip Lab: http://bitebeauty.com/lip-lab/

If you are looking to spend some quality time with your girl on the special day, this is to place to go to! I am a lipstick addict, and Bite Lip Lab TO can customize ANY colour for you.

Here’s my review on Bite Lip Lab TO. Check it out and start booking!

6 – Couple Hoodies

Valentine's DayHappiness Is…: https://www.happinessisinc.ca/

My final suggestion is for both you and your love. Get yourself a pair of couple hoodie from Happiness Is. They offer such beautiful hoodies with soft material! A great way to snuggle in these together and maybe Netflix and Chill at the same time? 😉

Hope you enjoyed my little suggestions here! And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Let me know by commenting below! If there’s any outfit idea or things that you want to see let me know by emailing me [email protected] I will do my best!

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  1. This is so cute! I’ve always loved the idea of matching couples hoodies, but all of my past boyfriends thought it was too cheesy, lol

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