Xiang Zi Hotpot: Toronto’s Most Luxurious Hotpot Experience

Xiang Zi
Xiang Zi hotpot is a new entrant to the hotpot space in Markham area. But what makes Xiang Zi stands out head and shoulder above its competitors is definitely its interior decoration. It is very grand and elegantly design that makes Xiang Zi definitely the most beautifully decorated hotpot restaurant, or even most beautifully decorated Chinese restaurant, in the GTA area.

About Xiang Zi

Xiang Zi

Address: 3989 Highway 7 East, Markham, ON L3R 5M6
Phone: (905) 305-9888
Price: Individual pots are $35.99 on weekdays (+$3 for weekends)

Interior Decor

Xiang Zi

 Owner Alco spent over 2 years to design and renovate the restaurant. It is inspired by the Wide and Narrow Alley, Kuanzhai Xiangzi, in Chengdu, China. All the materials used are sourced and shipped from China, including all the wooden panels, chairs, opulent marble tables, pots, and chopsticks. It is rumored that over $5m CAD was spent on the interior design alone.
Xiang Zi
The restaurant is divided into two floors, with the food counter located in the middle of the ground floor under the elegant chandeliers.
Xiang Zi
Private rooms are located upstairs, perfect for parties or events.
It is very spacious and comfortable, which makes it a plus over other often cramped hotpot restaurants. All furniture are shipped in from China with wooden theme.
Xiang Zi
Xiang Zi
Xiang Zi

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Xiang Zi is an all-you-can-eat hotpot eatery and you can find high quality ingredients including meat, vegetables, intestines, and all other hotpot staples. What makes Xiang Zi special is that there is also a good selection of Szechuan style cooked Chinese dishes, which tasted very spicy and authentic.
There are also premium hotpot item such as lobsters, crabs, fish, and sliced beef which are made to order.
There is also a wide selection of sauces. Xiang Zi has their own house-made signature canned sesame oil as base for the sauce, which goes well with the spicy soup base. For the tomato or mushroom soup base, the owner recommends to go with the sesame paste as the base for the sauce. After picking your sauce base, you can spice up your sauce with soy sauce, ginger, hot sauce, shacha sauce, or basically anything you can imagine.
One thing that makes Xiang Zi slightly different that other hot pot establishment is that they charge separately for the soup base. Prices for individual pot: spicy (+$7.99), tomato (+$5.99), or chicken mushroom (+$5.99)
We tried both the spicy and tomato soup base. The spicy soup uses lots of hot pepper and Sichuan pepper, both sourced from China, which gives it a spicy and numbing feel. The tomato one is sweet and is a good alternative for the non-spicy eaters.

Xiang Zi After feasting on hotpot, be sure to save room for some Chinese pastry and fruit as dessert

Despite the high price, Xiang Zi is definitely one of the must try dining experiences in GTA. The décor and spacious hotpot environment is already worth the admission, let alone the high quality ingredient and authentic spicy soup and dishes.

Xiang Zi

Special thanks to DKLoEvents for inviting us to this tasting!

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  1. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and do such an amazing job at giving me a peek into this lovely restaurant! The food looks so delicious, too! Great post!!

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