Bite Lip Lab Review – DIY Lipsticks with 50 Shades of Pink! How’s your week going? Mine is pretty busy already, but I still need to find time to show you Bite Lip Lab Toronto, which is just incredibly amazing!

I am a lipstick addict, I have approximately 30+ lipsticks? Not too many right? Since couple months ago, October to be exact, I have been wanting to try this place out. What is this place that I am raving about? Let’s find out!

Bite Lip Lab Toronto

Address: 678 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E5

Phone: 416-860-5652


What is Bite Lip Lab?

If you are a lipstick addict like myself, you will instantly fall in love with Bite Lip Lab.

Let me give you a little bit of a background about Bite. Bite Beauty is a Toronto Based business, and all products are made in Toronto. They offers lipsticks, lip scrub, lip mask, amuse bouche, and other beauty products through Sephora.

But the coolest thing they offer is definitely the Bite Lip Labs. It is where the ingredients and the lipsticks are made.  In the lab, you will be able to customize almost ANY shade that you desire. Shall we take a look how this is made possible?

DIY Lipsticks @ Bite Lip Lab

See all those pigmentation jars? They are part of the ingredients that make our lips pretty in the end. Look at all those shades and it can turn into thousands of different shades!

Am I getting you excited already with this in house homemade lipstick idea yet? Here the process of how your everyday lipstick comes alive!

I was very honoured to be helped by Bradlee, he is very patient, and guide me through every steps of the way. So, I told Bradlee that I wanted a spring colour with a touch of peachy colour for my first lipstick. He immediately knew what is on my mind and picked out a few base colour and start mixing right the way.

Then I get to try it on and see what to add/minus from there, but I was quite happy with the colour so we moved on to the next colour. The second colour I picked a more natural colour for everyday use. *look at me haha one happy customer*

I get to choose a different texture for my lipstick, the sections are Amuse, Bouche, Glossy Sheer and Matte Creme. Guess which one I chose in the end? These are my final choice of colour! Next step is melting the coloured wax and then spin it to mix well with all the ingredients.

Added my favourite scent, Wildberry for one and Vanilla with coconut for the other. Spin spin spin for few seconds.

Then the liquid is ready to transform in this mold and become my lipstick. After pouring it in, it’s going onto a iced pad for 7 minutes. We can see the lipsticks being solidify very quickly. Amazing right?

Woohoo! My lipsticks are ready! Bradlee is carefully putting the lipstick container on. These are magnetic lipstick container, I am very happy with it!

Events @ Bite Lip Lab

Amazing right? You must be trilled by now are you? And guess what, they also offer special events for group parties too! Hey Bridesmaid, If you would like to surprise your special girl *this is the place* to hold her bachelor party (the flat can hold up to 30 persons and they also ofter snacks and drinks within the fee)!

Now lets take a look at the luxury space they offer for the party!

If they were open before my wedding, I would love to have my bachelor party right here!

I wonder if you can specify ask for who you want to work with while in the Bite lip lab? Because I would love you to have an amazing experience and Bradlee is the go for person (I am sure all the other staffs are great too, but I am giving a special shout out to Bradlee because he is fantastic!)

Hope you enjoyed my experience at the Bite Lip lab and hope to see you visiting them (don’t forget to tag them and use #biteliplabTO).

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  1. Wow that’s so cool! Makes me want to run to Bite Lab to get my customized lipsticks. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience. The two lip shades you picked are really pretty,

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