Chanel Mini Square Honest Review: Pros and Cons

I have always been wanting a Chanel Mini Square. Yes, I want it more than a classic flap or a boy bag. The size and length is just perfect for me. However, finding a mini square is not easy in Toronto. It was totally unexpected to find a Chanel Mini Square before my birthday! I still remember when the SA bring her to me in surprise. Even the SA herself didn’t know it came in a couple hours before I went in to the boutique. My Chanel Mini Square was brand new, untouched. The moment I saw her, I knew… I must take her home. This is how I got my Chanel Mini Square.

After my Chanel Mini Square got debuted on my Instagram: @mizzmok , I got several questions about my new purchase. I thought it would be nice to write a little blog and share my honest reveal on the new baby. I will try to share as in depth as possible! Read on to find out more 🙂

All photos has no filter, I try to keep it as true to colour as possible 🙂

Here’s a little detail about my Chanel Mini Square

Finishes: Black Lamb Skin, with Light Gold Hardware

Size: 17 x 13 x 6.5cm

Price: $3350 CDN + Tax

It seems like this combo is rather more rare than the one of carviar and LGHW. When I made my purchase, I am well aware of the delicate of the lamb skin. However, with all my Chanel purse purchases they are all in carviar, and I have been wanting a Chanel purse in lamb skin. Now, I have finally found the one. This Chanel Mini Square is more like a jewelry piece to me, it’s so delicate yet it’s fashionably adorable.


Why did I decided with the lamb skin?

To be honest, I wouldn’t think I would go for any lamb skin products that are bigger than the mini square or mini rectangle. For one reason, as the purse gets bigger it’s easier to bump into other things or its harder to protect. With the mini size or WOC, it might be a good idea to get it in lamb skin and see how well I can handle lamb skin. After all, Chanel purses are famous with their lamb skin, so I do want to own more things in lamb skin.

The inside of the Chanel Mini Square

The interior is lined with carviar leather, so it is very easy to take care. This is one thing I like about the mini. The price is half of a classic, yet you get the same luxury from a classic flap. Also, there’s 2 compartment inside the Chanel Mini Square. One with a zipper and one is an open pocket. The detail on the zipper is gorgeous with a little Chanel logo on there! The details are incredible.

Chanel Mini Square or Mini Rectangle?

The two styles are very similar, one of the biggest difference is the length of the chain. The chain of the Chanel Mini Square is slightly shorter than the mini rectangle.

As a reference, I am a 5’4″ girl, usually wears size XS – S. When I carry the Mini Square over my shoulder it lands just a little under my hip bone. When I wear it as a crossbody, it will be sitting right above my hip bone (which is exactly the length I wanted).  I haven’t have a chance to take photos of me wearing her out yet, it will be added after I have some photos! To keep in mind, the length of the chain is rather hard to adjust on the mini. Unlike WOC where you can cross it inside to make it shorter, but the minis they are pretty much the length as is. (See below for a length comparison with a WOC)

Also, I picked the square over the rectangle because I already have a WOC and I wanted a different shaped purse. This might be something that you can think about if you cannot decide with a square or rect.

What to check when getting your Chanel

I am sure it’s not just me, but for all Chanel owners will do the same.

Check your bag before your purchase.

Yes, Chanel is a very expensive investment, however not all bag are made the same quality. I must say sometimes I am a little disappointed with some of the Chanel purse quality. Sometimes, I would see purses with the flap not line up with the pattern, or the the flap is not straight when close. I am a very picky person, especially when it comes to these details.

Check where the purse was made in. I see that some SLG now are Made in Spain. I don’t know about you, but to me, if I spend that much money, and it wasn’t made from Italy or France, I don’t think it’s worth the money. Here’s also a little complain from me that LV has so much products that are Made in USA. To me it’s just not even authentic anymore. The quality is just not as good and precise.

Back to purse checking, also check check check. As Chanel doesn’t allow refund, only exchange within 14 days. You don’t want to go home then realized the flaw and cannot return it, but keep a few thousand dollar credit from the boutique.

The Pros and Cons


  1. Rare. Chanel Mini Square is slowly becoming a popular piece in the Chanel family, however, due to the limited stock and release, it is still amount a more rare item. Therefore, you won’t be seeing the same bag everywhere on the street!
  2. Price. It is half the price of a Chanel classic flap, yet you have almost all the features except the double flap.
  3. Versatility. When it comes to outfits I am always more on the lay back and minimal style, where I don’t usually fancy up too much unless it’s for photo day or parties. You can almost always find me in casual clothing with pants or skirts. With a Chanel Mini Square, it is not as much of a dress up bag as the classic (if that make sense to you…) with a mini, I feel like it can easily go with jeans, skirt or when you go to parties it will be a very cute fancy bag too. To me, a mini can go both way!


  1. Chain: For those who are on the taller, or bigger in size, the length of the Chanel Mini Square length might cause you a problem and might pull you away from having this purse. For my a 5’4″ girl, it’s just perfect for me. If the length of the chain is a problem for you, you can consider the mini rectangle or the WOC. (See below for a length comparison with a WOC)
  2. Not a Classic: If you are thinking of getting the classic flap all the time and wanted to get the mini just because the price is cheaper. DON’T DO IT. Don’t buy a bag just because the price is lower than the original bag you wanted all along. Yes, the price of the classic is much more, but if that is what you desire to have, then save up and get that. Unless, you are into owning both classic and a mini then you have no problem of getting a mini. Don’t make yourself regret after spending almost $4k and realize oh I should have got a classic instead. For me, I have tried all the combination that I thought I wanted with the classic and the boy, in both black and beige colour with the chervon pattern. Everything. Yet, none of them gave me the love at first sight feeling like each and every Chanel purchases I have made in the past, from my first WOC, SLG, and bags. So ladies, follow your heart 🙂

Chanel Mini Square VS. Chanel WOC

I am not going to go in depth to compare both, because they are totally different and their functions are very different to me. However, I will try my best to come up with a second post to compare these, because I know a lot of ladies do have questions and concern to see which should be their first purchase and which one is more worth the money as they are really only a few hundred dollars apart now.

What’s in my purse

I have included a few examples here of what can be fitted inside. I don’t like stuffing my bag to the fullest. These are a few essentials that I bring out on a date, or dinner. After fitting these, there are still plenty of space for you to put more. I can surely say it is quite spacious for a mini bag.

Dress her up a little

I am obsessed in dressing up my purses with beautiful keychains! I am always on the search for some pretty little key chain. With my Chanel Mini Square in Lamb skin, it is so luxurious that adding a little glam of crystals and girly touch would make her look even more beautiful! Go ahead dress her up too when you go out on a date!

I hope my little review can help you out a little and let you have a better understanding of what a Chanel Mini square is and if it is a bag for you to purchase and keep! If you have any question, please leave me a message, I will try to answer you with my knowledge!

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