Heart Sushi Fairview Review: Fight for Best AYCE in Toronto

Heart sushi

About Heart Sushi

Address: 1800 Sheppard Ave E #2018, North York, ON M2J 5A7

Phone: 416-756-7655

Website: http://www.heartsushi.ca/

Heart Sushi has always been a favorite in the Missisauga area, with locations at Heartland Center and Sandalwood Square. They have recently landed in Toronto, with a location in Fairview Mall in North York.

The restaurant is nicely decorated. We loved the cherry blossom projection on the wall! Unlikely other all-you-can-eat places, Heart Sushi is very spacious and not so hectic. It is a place where you can chat and catch up with your friends while enjoying unlimited amount of sushi and Japanese food.

All orders are done on iPad located on each table, so you can order as much food as you like without feeling ashamed of telling the server!


Heart Sushi has a large selection of Japanese food and basically everything you can think of. From soup, salad, dim sum, sashimi, rolls, sushi, torch sushi, tempura, grills, wok, Korean, curry, rice, and noodles.

We love sweet shrimps sashmi and were impressed by the quantity and freshness. They are all served on a nicely decorated bowl, that makes the sashimi looks as good as it tastes!

Beside sweet shrimp, there are also salmon, white tuna, tilapia, crab meat. All tasted fresh and delicious!

On weekends, Heart Sushi offers torched sushi, which are usually premium food at sushi restaurants! The salmon torched sushi tasted really delicious. There are also torched escloar, shrimp, beef sushi.

The heart sushi is very special as it has red rice! The chef says it is made from a secret family recipe. It certain adds more color and uniqueness to the high quality sushi they offered.

After sushi, there are also other Japanese hot food, such as tempura, grilled fish, skewers, katsu. We just wish our stomach is big enough so we can try everything!

All pad Thai lovers will be delighted to find they have chicken, beef, vegetable, and shrimp pad Thai included in the menu! There are also Japanese ramens and udons too for all ramen lovers.

Heart Sushi includes a good selection of Chinese dim sums on its menu! Something you don’t usually find at other Japanese AYCE establishments.


There are also a wide variety of desserts, including ice cream, mousse cake, pudding, yogurt, deep fried banana. We really like the deep fried pudding as it is crispy on the outside but taste soft and milky inside


There are also a large selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to go with the sushi and all other food!

We had the Japanese ramune which is always our favourite! Love it with the marble inside!

Overall we enjoyed Heart Sushi at Fairview and must say it is one of the best all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant in Toronto! We loved the food decorations, especially the flowers! The restaurant also has nice decor and is very spacious, which makes it stand out from all the other usually cramped AYCE places.

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