Minions Tim Teddy Bear (Bob's Bear) – Simple DIY Instruction!

Mokolate are huge fan of Minions! And in the new Minions movie this year, one of the cutest thing was Bob’s Teddy Bear – Tim! Bob wouldn’t go anywhere without Tim and went on his adventure to search for his new boss!

Wouldn’t everyone want their own adorable cute Tim? Today mokolate will show you how to make your own Tim! Since this instruction use the felting technique, this actually very simple to make and does not need sew!


-Felting Cloth (Brown, light brown, Black and Pink)

-Felting Needle



  1. Fold the brown felting cloth in half, draw the outline of Tim (head, body, hands, legs)

2. Carefully cut the shapes, make sure cut both pieces of the felting cloth

3. On the felting pad, use the felting needle to poke together the round side of the ears, legs, and hands to create a little pocket

4. Stuff cotton into the open pockets of the ears and legs and use needle to poke the open edge to enclose them

5.  Assemble the head and the ear pieces and use felt together the ears. Felt the other 3 sides of the head, make sure leave the bottom open for stuffing

6.  Similarly assemble the hands, legs, and body, and felt together the legs and hands. Leave the top side of the body open for stuffing

7. Stuff the head and body with cotton. Needle the open sides of the body to enclose, then put head over the body and needle together. Make sure the felt both front and back sides!

8. The bear is now complete!

9. Draw and cut the shapes for the eyes, nose, and tongue to look just like Tim! Felt the face parts onto the head. For the tongue only need to felt the top side so it will look more 3D and stick out

10. Done! There you have it is your own hand made Tim!

Video Instructions

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