Pablo Toronto Review: Japan’s Famous Cheese Tart

Pablo Toronto

About Pablo Cheesetart Canada

Address: 114 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C3


Famous Japanese Cheese Tart shop Pablo have finally landed in Toronto! This is their first store outside Asia, come find out what they offer and how their revolution cheese tart taste!

Pablo Toronto is located in “Little Tokyo” section of Toronto on Dundas Street West. It is in close proximity of numerous other Japanese restaurants, ramen, izakaya, dessert, and cheese cake eateries.

For those who are not familiar with Pablo, they are a Japanese Cheese tart place that is very famous in Japan. Founder Sakimoto Masateru wanted to create a cheese cake that no one has ever seen. After many trial and errors, he mastered this revolutionary technique of cheese tart baking. The cake has a rare texture inside that is melting, yet the crust is crispy. The name of the shop is inspired by artist Pablo Picasso as Mr. Masateru wants his cheese tart creation to be enjoyed like art.

The first Pablo store was opened Osaka and it is still very popular. For those who have never heard of Pablo, just to emphasize on how famous this brand is. If you would ever walk by a Pablo in Japan or Asia, there will no doubt always be a long queue of people waiting to get their hands on one of these cheesecakes. The number of some cakes are also limited, so you are out of luck if they sold out!

Pablo is so popular that they even have their own theme song! Check it out below!

Luckily they have opened the first location outside Asia and Torontoians can easily enjoy Pablo!

Pablo Cheese Tarts

When you walk into the Pablo, the staff in their cute uniform are working hard to prepare the yummy cheesecake! The store has an open kitchen concept so you can see how everything are freshly made right in front of your eyes!

Pablo Toronto is currently offering four different kinds of cheese tart. First up are the signature freshly baked Pablo Cheese Tarts. There are also matcha and chocolate variants.

The cheese tarts are certainly a masterpiece.  It is satisfying to stare at the combination of the glossy top of the tart and the rough sides of it. Unlike in Japan when you can pick between rare or medium, they serve only the medium version overseas. That is why if you sliced it you’ll see that the cheese core is firm.

The cheese tarts definitely taste as good as they look. The crust, core, and glaze are meant to be enjoyed together as they will create a wonderful harmony, giving a nice texture and complex taste.

The other cake offered is the premium cheese tart, which has a more crispy surface that taste like creme burlee.  The interior is also more dense and has a stronger cheese flavor than the original cheese tarts.

There are mini version of the cheese tarts, Pablo minis, that will arrive in a couple months after opening.


Beside cheese tarts, Pablo Toronto also offers a selection of smoothies. There are five flavors: cheese cake, matcha, mango, strawberry, and chocolate. We tasted the cheese cake and matcha version. Both are very refreshing and perfect to complement the delicious cheese tarts.

There are also Japanese shaved ice for those who want to stay cool during the hot summer days.

The interior is cutely decorated with photos of Pablo around the world. There are also a sitting area and sofa in case you can’t wait to go home and want the cheese tarts immediately.

Overall we are very glad that Pablo has finally landed in Toronto and will come back again and again for the best Japanese cheese tart in the world!

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