Poke Eats Review: High Quality Fresh Poke Bowls

Poke Eats

About Poke Eats

Address: 4750 Yonge St #118, North York, ON M2N 5M6
Website: pokeeatstoronto.com/
Phone: (416) 792-3958

Poke Eats is the first specialty Poke eatery opened in North York, north of the 401. While it is away from all the other usual Poke places in Toronto located in downtown, we must say we are extremely impressed by the high quality fish and freshness offered.

The restaurant is located at the bottom of the newly built condo building at Yonge and Sheppard, right across from Whole Foods. The restaurant has simple yet elegent décor. It is brightly lit as it is located on the corner. This place is mainly for takeout as there is only a small bench for eating.

What makes Poke Eats stand out from all the other Poke restaurants is probably the quality and the freshness of the fishes. Chef Raymond Choo has been in the industry for a long time and is committed to only using he highest-quality sourced fish. The chef buys tuna and salmon in bulk and freshly cut them right inside the store, so that all Poke Bowl are served with delicious fishes.

The menu is simple, with 4 preset Poke menu, or the BYOB (Build-your-own-bowl) option. Each of the Poke comes in either the regular size or snack size.

We have tasted their signature Poke Eats bowl, which is made of White Sushi Rice, Tuna, Maple Sesame Shoyu, Cucumber, Sweet Corn, Crab Salad. We must say this is probably the most declious poke bowl we have tasted, the tuna is very fresh and delicious and all the ingredients mixed well to made for a good medley. The portion of fish is also very generous and for the regular bowl, you will get a full and satisfying meal. Also, all the bowls already include garnishes and soy sauce, so you don’t risk adding too much soy sauce to the bowl and make the bowl too salty

We have also tried the build-you-own-bowl, where you can choose the base (rice), meat (fish), sauce, 3 toppings, and garnishes. The spicy mayo is very refreshing is very fresh blends in well, unlike other spicy mayo we have tasted which usually overpower other ingredients.

Overall we are very impressed with Poke Eats and will definite come back to satifisfied with the Poke craving!

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