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Poppies and Peony

I need some suggestions guys… Where should our next trip be? We are thinking of maybe Disney Cruise/w Theme Parks, Hawaii, Ice land, or Spain… etc…

Anyone planning for some summer getaway? Mini trips? Sunshine Destination? This is making me so excited! (just by talking about vacation…)

Anyways! The reason why I brought this up is because I have some extreme fun stuff to share with you! I recently just received my getaway bag from Poppy and Peonies and I am absolutely in love with it! It’s huge, the material is nice, and most of all the compartments inside are amazing! I own another carry on getaway bag by Hershel, I mean I like it too but compare to Poppy and Peonies Getaway bag I still like this more! AND here’s why!

Poppies and Peony Getaway Bag Nautical Review

The detail on this getaway bag is amazing! Look at those cute tassels, and I love this strip pattern so much! I can just start cursing right now baby!

Let’s take a look at the inside, one side is with a zipper pocket with 2 separate compartments at the front that would be useful to put tissue paper, a pen, keys, or maybe cellphone? On the other side, its 2 big pockets, I love these because you can literally put anything handy in there, like my passport, cellphone, mirror, hand cream… etc.

This getaway bag also comes with a strap AND a little cosmetic pouch! (see why I am in love with it?!) It’s that little pouch the cutest?! I personally like to just hold my bag on the handle, but the strap is always handy when you have too many things to carry!

I am quite impressed with the design of this bag, especially the bottom, its not cloth, it’s actually a piece of PVC leather. So I can place this bag anyways without worrying too much it get wet at the bottom and too dirty because I can use some baby wipes to wipe it down!

Overall, I am in love with my new getaway bag, I only used it once so far for my photo day when I have to carry all my props! Even so, I am really impressed with you and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

You can find this amazing bag here: Poppy and Peonies – the Getaway Bag Nautical

I hope you enjoyed my little review on the amazing getaway bag by Poppy and Peonies! Please let me know if you have any questions, I will try my best to answer them!

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