Skye Footwear Review: New Revolution of Sport Wear

Skye Footwear

Summer is finally here, I have just changed my closet into all my summer collections! I am so excited because I can finally go out without wearing a jacket or a sweater! I can be in my tank top, t shirts and dresses! Most of all, I can finally wear sneakers! I am a little bit bored of boots and ankle boots and all the winter shoes already!

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About Skye Footwear

Does anyone need to buy new sneakers for the season? I have a great suggestion for you! Skye Footwear is a newly open footwear company that specializes in comfortable sneakers yet provides amazing foot support. They have 3 different style, The Rbutus, The Powll and The Lons. I am very happy I get to try both The Rbutus and The Lons.

Here, I am styling The Rbutus in black. Each pair of Skye Footwear comes with an insole and it’s removable. I really like to have it inside my shoes because it gives really good arc support to my feet. The Rbutus is good for running and sport activities.

The Lons is my personally favourite! I love how casual and easy to match with all my outfit! I wear it almost everyday to work and I receive lots of compliments about them! Also, The Lons comes with a pair of insoles as well.

I can skip around all day in my beautiful The Rbutus. I always style it with causal shorts or jeans with a t shirt or a cute top. To me comfortable is all I want when it comes to clothing and shoes. I mean some shoes might be really pretty but if it’s going to hurt my feet I don’t want it 🙂 These The Rbutus is the most comfortable sneakers I have wore by far. (even better than NMD in my opinion).

Another good thing about Skye Footwear is the style, it makes my feet look really slim. I wear a size 8.5 and some shoes might make my feet look huge but these is so sleek, it wraps my feet very well! I am so in love with them! Oh can I also mention something… I am so happy to find no show socks that won’t slip of my feet anymore (omg) I am not sure if you have the same problem but if you do, head over to Uniqlo. Those are the only ones that will fit me perfectly 🙂

Hope you enjoy this little review of Skye Footwear! Here’s a promo code for you “mizzmokSKYE” for 15% off!

I am sure you will enjoy Skye Footwear as much as I do!

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