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Want to get the latest fashion from Korea shipped directly to your home? Check out the wonderful selection offered by SOMETHIN’ SWEET!

Hi everyone! How have your new year been so far? January was a really boring and gloomy month after all the festive and fun holidays, at least it felt that way for me. That’s why I have stop blogging that month and took a little break! But hey! It’s February now and it means Spring is almost here, I feel much more energetic now and have the urge to change my wardrobe  a little bit!

I have always been liking asian fashion a lot especially Korean fashion. They have become one of the most well known not only for their cosmetic and beauty but also for K-fashion. The only problem is where do you get good Korean Fashion other than if you are visiting Korea? Well, here’s a solution for you!

An online store called: SOMETHIN’ SWEET.


Sthsweet stands for SOMETHIN’ SWEET. Who doesn’t like that? I started looking thru their site and omg I would love to have every single items on there! All their fashion looks so different from the clothing stores you see in Toronto… and their prices are very reasonable.

Let me tell you a little bit about SOMETHIN’ SWEET. They are located in Korea, and they are an authorized seller for many popular brans in Korea, such as: Chuu (my fav k-fashion store), ice cream12, Cherrykoko, mossbean and much more.

Now you may ask, if they are located in Korea, what’s the difference with shopping directly from the K-fashion store? The difference is at Sthsweet, they can combine all your orders from all these different store, and offer you a great shipping rate or free shipping if you shop over $150 or add an item from their free shipping category. Also, most of the stores in Korea will only ship inside Korea or they would charge an insane amount of money to ship it worldwide.


I was so happy that I found Sthsweet, this amazing Korean Fashion online store. I would love to share my shopping experience with you. I started my order, took me so long to decide what to get, because there are just so many goodies! I placed everything the cart then i clicked check out! Then the ordering process starts. Now keep in mind, because sthsweet doesn’t keep all the clothing online in their inventory, some of the pieces that you ordered might be ship directly from the brand to SOMETHIN’ SWEET, then sthsweet will gather all the packages and send them all to your door step. With this process it will take up to 2 weeks to receive all the items. Due to this wait time, sthsweet uses fast delivery to make up the wait time. They are really sweet right?

When did my package come? I made my order and my package came about 2 weeks later! To me that is super quick and really reasonable wait time.

Now let’s talk about quality. I honestly feel I cannot find anything better in Toronto. This Teddy Bear Jacket, Long Pea Coat, all these sweaters and shirts. I am absolutely in love with all these pieces. They all fitted so well! Can you believe I got all these for under $300 USD and it was free shipping. I didn’t get charged custom!

They also have a membership program which is absolutely free! Check out here. Basically, you collect points as you shop and accumulate enough to become higher member to get more discounts in your future shopping!

Bye bye in store shopping and Hello Sthsweet K-Fashion Online shopping to me!

Hope you enjoy this fashion tips blog on Mokolate! In the meantime, be sure to visit my Instagram – Mizzmok for more fashion and lifestyle idea!

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