Sweet Jesus STC Review: Toronto’s most Instagrammable ice cream

Sweet Jesus is definitely king of ice cream with long lineups in Toronto. They have just opened a new location north of downtown in Scarborough Town Centre! Find out how does Sweet Jesus STC compares with the downtown locations!

Summer 2016 was definitely the ice-cream crazed summer in Toronto. More-than-one-hour Line ups can be found all across the city just for a cup of ice cream, from the exotic Thai ice cream roll in Arctic Bites Ice Cream, Chimney Cone at Union Station, Hong Kong Waffle wrapped Bang Bang Ice Cream…

And of course there is Sweet Jesus, which has probably the longest and most consistent lineup in Toronto. We visited the John Street location back in August, and was scared by the long lines that wrapped around the block. It would take probably at least 2 hours waiting in the summer 40+ humidity heat!

Luckily for all the foodies in TO, Sweet Jesus opened a new location in uptown in Scarborough Town Centre. The store is part of the new concept sweets/dessert store, along with Squish (Cute gummies candies, read our review here) and Love Me Sweet (Uncle Tetsu style Japanese Cheese Cake).

Sweet Jesus 

Address: 300 Borough Dr, Scarborough ON

Website: http://www.sweetjesus4life.com/


Sweet Jesus STC has the same menu as the other locations, with their signature being the Pimped out soft serve ice cream. While it sounds fancy, they are basically soft serve ice cream with toppings. Lots and lots of topping all covered that you can barely see the actually ice cream!They also have fruit flavored Popsicle, all nicely lined up in the fridge waiting to be eaten.

We ordered the Sweet Baby Jesus in a cup, which is caramel soft serve with chocolate sauce, peanut butter, caramel sauce, and chocolate peanut crumble.

The ice cream and the store was very Instagram worthy as it was just a joy to look at! What better than a mountain of deliciously mixed toppings on a mountain of yummy self-serve ice cream! One suggestion is that the caramel soft serve ice cream itself was a bit blend and it was difficult to taste the flavor of the ice cream itself when covered with all the fantastic toppings.

The STC location is probably the place to go if you want to try Sweet Jesus as there were no line up at all. We went on a Saturday afternoon, and we were able to walk in, order and finish the ice cream within 10 mins. No more 2 hours wait outdoor in the sun!

Overall Review

Sweet Jesus lives up to the hype and probably serves the most Instagram worthy ice cream in town. There were lots of creative mix of toppings and is recommended for all ice cream fan!


Hope you like Sweet Jesus STC as much as we do! Check out my Instagram Mizzmok for more photos!

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