DIY Ring Pillow (in a pot)

I am very excited for your upcoming wedding in the near future! I recently got married a couple months ago, and I wish I had this idea back then for my ring pillow!

I feel that using a traditional ring pillow is great and elegant, but if you want some Uhhhhh, Wooooow, that’s chic and nice idea, you have come to the right place!

I saw these tiny succulents the other day at my local garden store, and at first I didn’t even think about doing this ring pillow in a pot thing until… later that day I went to the dollar store and saw this tea cup! I thought to myself this is such a nice coloured cup but what can I do with it? Then I remember the two little succulents I just purchases!

Hey, like they always say “you are my cup of tea” I thought that’s kinda cute for a wedding ceremony. That’s when it all started, Ring Pillow in a Tea Cup!

Video tutorial right here: Ring Pillow in a Pot


Place little pebbles (also purchased from dollar store) at the bottom of the cup

Place the little succulents in the cup

Add soil (make sure it’s a cactus/succulent potting Mix)

Decorate it with any signs or little decor to make it unique and just for your wedding!

It’s really easy and simple to do, I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and have a wonderful wedding!

You can also watch it right here!

Aug 10, 2016

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