Gyu-Kaku Toronto Review – Best Japanese BBQ in Toronto

Famous Japanese BBQ chain Gyu-Kaku has finally landed in Toronto! Find out whether it is the best Japanese BBQ in Toronto!

Hi guys, are you ready for some mouth watering photos of the new opened Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ (牛角) restaurant located at 81 Church St. Toronto?

When I was in Japan, I have tried the Gyu-Kaku in Osaka! I can tell you the only difference between the one in Japan and Toronto is that it’s all you can eat in Japan. However, the quality and taste of food in both places,I would say its pretty similar!

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Address: 81 Church St, Toronto, ON M5C 2G2


Reservation Needed? 

If you decided to come try Gyu-Kaku Toronto, my one piece of advise is to make reservation ahead of time on Opentable. I was really glad I did or else there would be a 2 hour line up! The waiters and the manager are super friendly, and they provide excellent service!


The grill in Gyu-Kaku Toronto is a little different from Japan, in Japan they use instant disposable grill sheet and didn’t apply and oil before we start grilling, which makes the food a little more stickier to the Japanese BBQ grill. However, the fire in Japan was a lot stronger than in Toronto. I remember when we were eating in Japan the fat from the meat often make the fire soar up high haha kinda scary but also exciting. It also give that burning taste to the meat. Where as in Gyu-Kaku Toronto, you can expect the fire is more like Korean BBQ. Its more mild and you won’t be expecting any crazy fire shooting up without u expecting it haha

If you ask which one do I prefer… I say the one in Japan is more exciting but hey can’t complain when I can do this in Toronto!

Menu / Price

Gyu-Kaku Toronto have different sets of menu (you can see it here Menu)

We decided to go with the Meat Lover value set for 2 people ($55 for 2 people). At first we were wondering if that was enough food, but we thought we can always add more if we are still hungry. But this meal filled us up pretty well! Our stomachs were happy and full after the meat lover set!

Gyu-Kaku Salad: standard Japanese salad with fresh vegetable

Dipping Sauces: There are 3 types of sauces, Ponzu (a little sour taste to boost up your appetite), Sweet (hmmm I would prefer the Ponzu more), and Spicy (I used spicy and mix with Ponzu! This instantly become my favourite DIY sauce!)

Chicken Karaage: Crispy Japanese fried chicken, good to go with the grill meats!

Onto the main dishes for Japanese BBQ, the meats. That night they ran out of the Angus Beef Ribs, they have substitute it with the premium Beef sirloins (top). Then theres Yoki-Shabu, and Toro Beef.

Look at that beautifully grills beef!

Then they serve the second course of the meal, Bistro Hanger Steak Miso, New York Steak Miso, and Spicy Pork.

The corn takes about 10 mins to get ready, it was sweet and buttery.

Lastly, its ice cream for desserts! We had our favourite green tea and black sesame flavour!

Overall Review

I would say Gyu-Kaku Toronto is a great experience, and the price is reasonable. $55 for a meal fill with meat and appetizers was definitely fulfilling! I would recommend this place for anyone who loves meat, and this is a great place for dating or just hanging out with friends! Best Japanese BBQ in Toronto for sure!



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