Easy Steps to Make Onigiri Recipe: Capocollo Fusion


Japanese and Italian are probably people’s two favorite cuisine! What would be better than that…It would be fusion of these two cuisines! In partnership with San Daniele and Mastro food, we have created an easy and brand new recipe…Capocollo wrapped Onigiri!

This creative Italian twist on the traditional Japanese onigiri (rice balls) is surprisingly tasty, and is perfect for breakfast or lunch! More over, it is extremely easy to make and would fit in perfectly to everyone’s busy schedule.

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 Video Tutorial


  • One pack of Mastro Capocollo

  • 2 cups of cooked Japanese white rice
  • Onigiri mix or Japanese Rice Seasoning
  • Seaweeds
  • Water with salt
  • Onigiri molds (Can purchase from Japanese grocery store, or eBay)


1. Cook two cup of Japanese white rice. Note sushi vinegar is not required for onigiri, they are only used for sushi or rolls

2. Mix the onigiri seasoning with the rice

3. Wet hand with salted water. This will prevent the rice from sticking to the hand!

4. Put the mixed rice into the onigiri mold.

5. Carefully take out the rice from the mold. This would give a nice triangular shape.

6. Cut capocollo into long rectangular pieces

6. Wrap capocollo around the onigiri

7. For stuffed onigiri, cut the capocollo into bite size pieces and put into the middle of the onigiri before closing the mold.

8. Wrap the onigiri with seaweed. If you want the onigiri to be cute, use seaweed to decorate them!

9. Japanese Italian fusion Prosciutto onigiri are ready to be served!

About Mastro Capocollo

Cooked to perfection, Mastro Capocollo uses only the finest cuts of meat, seasoned with the finest ingredients. Ideal for sandwiches and pizzas. Link to more details

Hope you enjoyed this fun and easy recipe with onigiri. In the meantime, be sure to visit my Instagram – Mizzmok for more fashion and lifestyle idea!


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