Kodiak Henna Boots: Prepare for Winter


Winter is coming. Honestly, I am still a little behind on Game of Throne… but I have to use that line because winter is coming in a couple months. It been a pretty cool summer, I bet it would get pretty cold this year… anyhow! Today’s blog will have you all covered on some all seasons lifestyle boots to get you through winter! I know there are many winter boots out there in the market, but sometimes I don’t like how bulky they look. So today I would like to talk about my pair of Kodiak boots named: Henna.

About Kodiak Henna

Henna is one of Kodiak’s newest collection for this F/W. It features waterproof leather, anti slip bottom, removable insole with memory form and my favourite part is this little heel on the boots to make it look extra chic and more fashionable!

I got the pair in black, because I have way too many boots in the brown colour… yes my wardrobe is mostly brown, beige, grey and black for winter… but yet my shoes collection are mostly brown or other colour… I am not sure why I never have too many black shoes. However, I think it’s time to change it up a little! I love these little black ankle boots, not only the heels make me taller but also it’s anti slip, so I can walk on the snow or road without worrying too much!

The minimal style on these Kodiak Henna boots make it super easy to match any casual outfit. It is good for school, work or just any outdoor activity. They are made with  waterproof leather and sealed seams and you can wear in all four seasons! My real experience, I was down by Humber Bay park to take some photos with these boots. It was raining in the morning, and for those of you who has been to the new Toronto Drift wood sign, you know its not easy to get to the sign! Those big rocks are pretty slippery after the rain, but these Henna Boots helped me easily walk through all those rocks and reach the sign!

Honestly in love with these beautiful lifestyle boots! I hope you will check Kodiak out and try them on! You won’t regret it!

Hope you enjoyed this fashion post by Mokolate! In the meantime, be sure to visit my Instagram – Mizzmok for more fashion and lifestyle idea!


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