Mokolate Beauty: Star Wars Nail Art with BB-8 and R2-D2!

Hope everyone had the chance to watch Star Wars: The Force Awaken over the weekend. It was definitely a wonderful movie, no matter whether you are a Star Wars fan or not! We won’t go into the details of the movie so that we won’t spoil it to the readers who haven’t watch the movie yet.

But…it is safe to say that Mokolate’s favourite BB-8 is very very cute and definitely one of the bright spots of the movie!

There are no better way to show your #StarWarsSide  than having the cute Star Wars Nail Art, featuring the new favourite BB-8 and the all-time classic droid R2-D2!

Steps to draw BB-8

  1. Paint nails to black and white for Star Wars theme, white is used for R2-D2 and black can be used for BB-8

2. On the black painted thumb, draw a small white circle on top of a bigger white circle to represent BB-8’s body and head. Also add two small lines on top of the small circle for the two antenna

3. Wait for the white paints to dry. Use orange Sharpie to draw the orange circles on BB-8’s body.

Use silver Sharpie to draw the metal details inside the orange circles, and the head details.

Finally use a black fine tip marker to draw BB-8’s 2 eyes and also the black mark on the antenna.

You are all done! Now you have the cutest new Droid on your thumb!

Steps to draw R2-D2

  1. On the white painted nail, use some clear tape to cover the bottom part so R2’s body will stay white.

2. Add another small piece of clear tape in the middle of the head part. Use blue paint to draw be the two blue lines on R2’s head. The tape will make sure the other parts will stay white and can help with drawing straight lines

3. Remove the tapes, you will have 2 blue lines on top of the white paint.

4. Use silver Sharpie to paint the area between the blue lines, this will be R2’s head

5. Use blue paint and a fine pen to draw R2’s blue lines in the middle of the body

6. Use black paint to draw R2’s eye in the middle of the head. Use a red Sharpie for R2’s red sensor dot below the eye

7. You are done! R2-D2 is on your finger!

Star Wars Themed Other Fingers

To make other fingers also Star Wars Themed, use white and silver paint to draw stars on the black painted nails

There you have it! We hope you enjoy your custom made Star Wars themed nails!

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