Mokolate's 7 tips to the perfect macaron

Everyone loves the cute, yummy, and delicious French macaron…only if they are not that pricy! A solution to that? DIY macaron!

While there are so many different receipe around the internet on how to make macaron, they are actually very delicate creatures and very very difficult to master. After many trials (and failure), mokolate finally are able to consistently bake perfect macarons!

We would like to share our 7 tips so that you can make perfect macarons at home too!

Tip #1: Use very fine almond powder

Key for smooth texture is certainly fine almond powder. We tried the uncle Ben brand but we found that still not fine enough for macaron. Mokolate got much better result with the almond powder bought from bulk barn.

Beside buying the finer powder, the other key would be to sift, sift, and sift.

Tip #2: Use egg whites at room temperature (not fresh from the fridge)

Egg whites at room temperature would ensure getting the max volume when mixing the egg white and granulated sugar. Best is to let the egg sit out for 2 hours before use

Tip #3: Use gel food coloring

Mokolate used water based food coloring from the supermarket before but the color did not turn out to be very sharp and bright. We got the gel coloring from bulk barn and the color turns out much better!

Tip #4: Fold until getting thick lava texture

The hardest part in macaron making is probably knowing how much to fold (and when to stop). Remember to count # of folds, we usually fold around 30 times.

Keep folding until getting lava like texture that forms a triangle when you hold up the spatula!


Tip #5: Hit baking pan hard against the counter

After piping the batter onto the baking pan, there are lots of air bubbles. To ensure getting the pretty macaron feet, key is to hit the pan hard against the counter couple times until the batter become flatter. Don’t be shy, hit the pan hard!

Tip #6: Adjust the oven temperature and monitor closely

Lots of receipe just tell to put the macarons into the oven and bake for 15 mins…mokolate tried that many times and it lead to burnt macaron. We find that it is key to monitor the baking closely. We have success with baking at 300F, bake for 6 mins, then turn down to 200F, rotate the pan, and bake for another 6 min. After that, add time as needed until the macaroon do not remained sticked to the baking sheet. It is always better to check often to make sure they taste like macaron and not cookies!

Tip #7: Use a thicker baking pan

Another key mokolate found is that the baking pan matters too! On our old baking pan (on the right) , we always ended up with burnt macarons. We bought a new thicker cookie sheet  (on the left) from Michaels and have more success with it!

Of course since every oven and baking pans are different, definitely test out the baking pan, oven temperature, and baking time that works for you, write it down, and repeat everytime.

There are the 7 macaron tips from Mokolate. We hoped this helped, and hopefully now you can master the art of macaron baking too! Happy baking!

Here is the full step-by-step video:

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