Mokolate's Secret Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe!

Mokolate had a pot luck last week, and the most popular food was certainly our Red Velvet cupcakes. Everyone loved how delicious it was, how soft the icing was, how cute and beautiful they look, and also that they didn’t taste too sweet unlike the other cupcakes!

Today, we will reveal the secret recipe for the red velvet cupcakes, so everyone can make and enjoy them at home too!

12 Cupcakes

180g – Self Raising Flour
12g – Cocoa Powder
150 – Caster Sugar
little bit of Salt
210g – Butter (room temperature)
3 – Eggs
2 Tablespoons – Butter Milk
0.75 Teaspoon – Red Food Colouring Paste
0.75 Teaspoon – Vanilla Extract
0.6 Teaspoon – Baking Soda
1.2 Teaspoon – White Vinegar

Cream cheese Butter Cream

120g – Butter (room temperature)
180g – Cream Cheese
330g – Icing Sugar


1. Mix self-raising flour, coco powder, caster sugar, salt to a sift and into a bowl This will make sure all the large lumps are separated and the cupcake will have a smooth texture.

2. Add in butter, and 3 eggs to the mixture. Mokolate’s Tip: cut butter into small pieces so it will be easier to mix

3. Using a stand mixer on medium speed, mix the mixture for a minute

4. Add red color paste with butter milk and vanilla extract, this will give the cupcakes the famous red velvet color! Mokolate’s Tip: use color paste instead of liquid coloring so that the color will be sharper

5. Pour the buttermilk and coloring mixture with the mixed ingredients and mix for another minute on medium high speed

6. Add vinegar into the baking soda, which will give a bubble effect. Shake well and then mix it into the mixture, mix for another minute at medium high speed

7. Pour the mixture into a cupcake baking tray with paper cups, fill each cup to around 3/4 full

8. Now the cupcakes are ready to be baked! Put into oven at 330F for around 15 mins. After that you will end up with beautiful red cupcakes!

9. Now for the butter cream, which is the essence for the red velvet cupcakes. Add cream cheese and butter (both at room temperature) to mixing bowl, beat using medium high speed for 1 minute

10. Add in the icing sugar in 2 portions and mix in medium high speed until mixed well for around 3 minutes

11. Pour the mixture into a piping bag and decorate the cupcakes! Give a big squeeze at the bottom and swirl around for a beautiful icing topping!

12. The cupcakes are done and ready to be enjoyed!

Here is the full video tutorial!

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