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Over the last weekend, I was invited by Chanel beauty @chanel.nordstroms.yd to go to the Yorkdale Nordstrom B.F.F sneak peek event! It was so wonderful! I know you are all very excited to the new Nordstrom in Yorkdale, so let me give you a little sneak peek too 😀

When we were at Yorkdale, we found a little secret passage to Nordstrom it was so exciting to see what other store will be opening too in the new expansion area!

When we arrived to Nordstrom, we lined up to check in. I was booked for a Chanel make over appointment but of course Chanel was so popular and crowded, therefore the staff introduced me to Jo Malone for a hand massage first while waiting for my appointment with Chanel. It was actually my first time trying out Jo Malone, and now I regret for not trying it earlier! The scent was very mild and after the hand massage my skin was so soft! It was so sweet for the lady to give me samples of the fragrances ❤️ and also she gave me a little Jo Malone felt bag for my wedding rings to keep them safe while she does my hand massage, I thought that was very considerate! Oh and we were given macarons and water for a light snack!

Ta-da, look at all these Chanel products! So beautiful! I gotta tell you, I own a lot of Chanel beauty products, from face cream, foundations, to make up, especially lipsticks. I recently purchased their newest collection Rouge Allure Ink from my London trip. It turns from a glossy touch to a matte colour, love it! So now it’s my turn to do the make over. All the staffs were super friendly, and they were very patient and suggest what colour suits me and ask my opinions too. See my beautiful make over! I was so happy to found my new blush colour for the fall season too, it’s a light orange peachy colour with a little hint of pink. That shimmer makes my cheek looks so fresh with radiance!

After my make over, I started exploring around in the beauty section. I was suggested by Jo Malone staff to head over to the Sulwhasoo booth for a free facial. It was the best suggestion ever. They gave me such a good massage and  many tips to make my skin more healthy. A brand that I will keep in mind after my face creams are finished 🙂 (oh and they gave me lots of samples too hehe)

Fresh is another beauty brand I adore. Their sugar lip balm is one of my favourite, but little did I know they have body scrub, body soap, and fragrance. The staff gave me samples of the scrubs and the fragrance. Their lychee and brown sugar scents are very nice, probably will consider that!

Oh my, just behind the beauty section I discovered a yummy section called Sugarfina. Ok need me say more? Just look at all the choices! They are famous for their champagne gummy bear. They had samples and it was very chewy with just a little light hint of champagne. These little cute square boxes are definitely going to be a big hit for the upcoming Christmas season!

They also have a little photo booth, I feel like we were celebrities with that background haha love it!

Of course I head over to all the clothing sections too, but I will save that for you to discover when they open. But I can tell you, their selections of brands are fabulous. From their own brand B.P. (that I absolutely love) to Madewell, Mackage, Celine, and tons more, you probably won’t be able to walk out Nordstrom without any purchase haha!

Like I said, I have been interested in B.P. for a long time, but they were only available in US before. Now that they are here, I must make some purchase. I am adding this new B.P Autumn plaid scarf to my wardrobe. It is super soft and huge, it will keep me warm for the fall and winter! There’s the peachy blush I mentioned earlier! beautiful right?

It was a beautiful and fun experience at Nordstrom BFF event. I am really glad I am living in the Six (Toronto) and it just keep growing bigger and better. Fall season in Toronto is my favourite because of all these colourful maple leafs! Hopefully this blog will reach some travelers out there to attract them to come to TO for a visit 🙂

Oct 16, 2016

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