Top 10 Gelato in Italy 

Hey everyone! It’s been a week since we came back from our Honeymoon which we have visited England and Italy. When you think of Italy, what is the first thing that comes in your mind?

Of course it is Gelato! (At least for someone who loves sweets as much as I do would think of that first!)

For that reason, I am dedicating this post to rank (what I think) is the top 10 Gelato in Italy! This includes Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Rome. To me these are the most delicious gelato in Italy, but you might have a different preference, so I am going to tell you why I rank them in this order (I will try to be less bias) so maybe you can get some inspiration here for your next vacation!

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Let’s get started shall we?!

#10 Wonderful Ice Cream – Rome

Address: Via Nazionale 19A, 00184 Rome, Italy


We went to this gelato place one day after shopping and walking around whole day in Rome, looking for something sweet. I ranked this at #10 because I feel the gelato was ordinary. It was tasty, but they didn’t have flavours that was very special. You can probably find these flavour at other stores too. But it come in my ranking because it was home made and definitely not those fake gelato with lots of food colouring to make it all colourful!

#9 La Strega Nocciola – Rome

Address: Via della Vite 100 | Piazza Di Spagna, 00187 Rome, Italy, close to Spanish Steps


If you are into coffee or latte, this is the place for you with their coffee gelato. The flavour was very rich and it was a little more icier than the other gelato. Makes it perfect for a hot summer day! The store was located on a quiet alley off Spanish step, it was perfect to take a break to hide with all the noise and busyness of Rome streets!

#8 Gelateria dei Neri – Florence

Address: Via De’ Neri 9/11R, 50122, Florence, Italy


Located close to the Ponte alle Grazie, we charged up here prior to taking the hike to view to magnificent sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo. Unlike the typical Italian gelateria which are usually small, this gelateria is like a large ice cream and dessert cafe with tables inside for your to sit and relax with your friends. Their gelato was very creamy, and thick. One thing that surprises me was these little ice popsicle. They come in pineapple, mix berry, and mango flavours. This pineapple one actually has little bits of pineapple inside makes it extra refreshing.

#7 Gelateria Vernazza – Vernazza

Address: Via Roma 13, 19018 Vernazza, Italy


We went to this place after a hot day touring around the towns and beauty of Cinque Terre. This gelato place is located in the beautiful Vernazza. I like this place because they mixed in a few ingredients to the gelato, to make it have more texture. When you are eating, it’s not just the smooth gelato but with little bits of fruits, nuts or chocolate to chew with.

#6 L’Arena del Gelato – Rome

Address: Via di Porta Castello 8/A | Borgo Pio 1, 00193 Rome, Italy


Have you come across the situation, when there are just too many flavour to choose from and you just can not decide? I think the best solution is to pick the ones that are almost empty, it must be good right? The panna cotta flavour was really good, it was creamy with that touch of syrup on the top, just perfect. This wild berries was one of my favourite, it was like a mix of gelato and sorbet, creamy but icy. Very refreshing when you are tired.

#5 Perche no!… – Florence

Address: Via Dei Tavolini 19r, 50122, Florence, Italy


Gelato is like ice cream without air. I think this place mastered it, just look at the texture of the gelato. It was very dense, but it wasn’t hard. It was fluffy and creamy. I especially like their Dark Chocolate with Orange flavour. I haven’t seen that in other stores. Also, you can see at the bottom photo, the staff would constantly add in the syrup, or chocolate to the gelato and mix it again to make sure every bite that you taste have the right amount of flavour and texture. I have to give them a like for that!

#4 Gelateria Valentino – Rome

Address: Via del Lavatore 96, 00187 Rome, Italy


Close to the Pantheon in Rome, Gelateria Valentino definitely stands out from all other touristy gelato shops in the area! I think this is a really cute place to visit. If you order your gelato with cone, you get a mini cone on the top. If you are traveling with a little kid you can give them a little cone to keep them busy while you enjoy the rest of your delicious cone! After unwraping the tissue paper that’s holding the cone, I realized the bottom of the cone is flat! I don’t know if you have this habit too, but when I eat these ice cream cone I usually keep pushing the ice cream downward with my tongue while eating, so I don’t leave myself with nothing at the end of the cone. I just thought they are really considerate to give you that little small cone on the top so you can scoop out ice cream to enjoy instead of leaving yourself with no ice cream at all at the end. At least this is how I think of it as, maybe you have a different opinion!

#3 Edoardo il Gelato Biologico – Florence

Address: Piazza Del Duomo, 45/R, 50122, Florence, Italy


This is getting exciting to the TOP 3 Gelato! Just on the side of the beautiful Duomo in Florence, I would recommend this place for you if you like red wine. Their Red Wine Sorbet sure was something worth to try. I have also try their ginger and honey flavour. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with gelato, but with these creative flavour it makes it extra special. Mind you, I haven’t seen red wine gelato anywhere else. Plus you can never beat enjoying the delicious gelato with the view of the beautiful Duomo just outside the shop!

#2 Alberto Gelateria – Corniglia

Address: Via Fieschi 74 | Centro Storico, 19018 Corniglia, Italy


Top 2! I am sure many of you have used herbs in your cooking, and the most popular ones are basil, and rose mary. How would you like it if these herbs are made into gelato flavour? I can tell you, it was absolutely amazing and delicious. I have never thought of having those incorporated into ice cream before. But this place had and it was the only time I have seen it. We were very surprised to find this gelato store in the small town of Corniglia in Cinque Terre, their basil flavour and peach with rosemary, are something that I want to have again!

#1 Suso Gelatoteca – Venice

Address: San Marco 5453 | San Marco, 30124 Venice, Italy


NUMBER ONE! I must give this place a good review. Suso, located in Venice, is the best gelato I have ever tasted. Their gelato were beyond creamy and smooth. Their flavour was very intense, every bite is filled with delight. I especially like a few of their special mix. We have tried Manet and Opera. Manet was a mix of pistachio and gianduia. Gianduia is a brand of chocolate, probably is more popular in Italy. With this flavour, it was the pistachio that was extremely tasty. It was like hmmm eating nutella but a little more sticky. When you bite on it, its like chewy, thick and creamy all in one. I can’t even describe it, but all you need to know is it was fantastic! Opera was also very delicious with rich chocolate syrup and chocolate mix in. This place is worth the trip to Venice! If you only want to try one gelato in Italy, I would say it shall be this one!

It was difficult writing this blog, looking at all these photos makes me want to go back and stuff myself into these gelato. Hope you are enjoy them as much as I do.

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October 10, 2016






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  1. Oh my god, you had me at gelato! I love gelato and Italy most definitely has some of the best. It looks like you tried a lot of great flavours. Your photos are stunning. I want to lick my computer screen right now!

  2. Thanks for the super Gelato craving. Can’t wait to visit Italy again soon enough to try some more of the wonderful ice-cream. It’s nice that you’ve picked places from across the country. The Gianduja has always been my favourite over the years with the chocolaty hazelnut flavour. Thanks

  3. Wow..simply mouth watering. I am happy as I am soon headed to Rome, Florence and Venice. I am definitely going to try some then. Are there enough vegan options present as well?

  4. Oh Gelato, why did you have to do a Gelato post. NOW I have to fly to Italy and try all their delicious Gelato. Doesn’t matter the city, I am sure it is all good. Great I dea for an article too.

  5. I’m so hungry now and craving some ice cream from 7-Eleven! Unfortunately, I’ve only tried gelato once and that was in The Venetian in Las Vegas, but it was great. I want to visit Italy, so I may have to hit at least a couple of these places. I love coffee so I’ll probably have to try to find that one, once I started reading I was hoping you would include a coffee flavored one, haha!

  6. I just had dinner without dessert so this post is killing me! I’m so jealous that you not only visited so much of Italy but got to try so much gelato! You’e living the life girl!

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