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Hey! October is here and its getting a little chilly, maybe it’s time to think about a hot vacation to somewhere nice and warm, with the sun shine and beaches! I mean Bahamas and the caribbean would work too but if you want to be a little more adventurous and a further getaway, Okinawa is probably your best choice in an economical way! Check out my other post on Okinawa as well Okinawa Travel and Honeymoon. Because Okinawa is such a fun place, I had to separate the details into two posts!

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When you are in Okinawa, you MUST try products that are made with salt. We came to the main street in Okinawa, and there’s this store that sales salt ice cream. I am not a big fan of sweet and salt flavour mix together, but man this ice cream is something that I want over and over again. The little salty taste blended right in to the creamy ice cream oh boy I want one now!

At the back of the ice cream store, it serves a wild range of different type of salt. this is only part 1 of the salt, there are at least over 50 kinds of salt sample to try. And of course if you like it you can buy a bottle and use it at home!

Another thing that you need to try in Okinawa is their bittermelon fry eggs. Most people who knows me know that I absolutely think that bittermelon taste bad. I am not a picky eater but I just can’t find the good taste in bitter things… but then… I have to admit, when you are on vacation, everything that you don’t like to eat becomes very tasty for some reason… if you check out my other post on Okinawa… I actually drank the whole shooters of bittermelon juice for breakfast… haha I am weird.

Let’s talk about something sweet now shall we! Ice Cream in Okinawa is a must, especially their best ice cream store Blue Seal. I swear you can find this ice cream store everywhere in Okinawa. There has to be one near you! Its a great thing because its always hot and you want to have a cup of ice cream in your hand!

They always have new flavours as a monthly special, and the red and white one is one of them, lychee and guava. The purple is their famous sweet potato flavour. Honestly, I love the idea of a scooped ice cream with a soft serve on top! and their one scoop is HUGE! Probably bigger than the 2 scoops here in Toronto for the same price!

They also have drinks and crepes. We try the ice cream, soft serves, crepe and drinks. I love all of them. But I probably would just get the ice cream and soft serves only for the next time. Because I feel those are more special then the crepe and drink, could probably get something even more exciting else where.

This is another store I really like at the same main street of Naha. All these beautiful cakes and tarts, but we are just too full to put these in our stomach, maybe next time! But why are we so full? because on the other side of this store, there are so many samples food you can try. There are samples of the cakes in the little gift pack, theres mochi to try and tones of other ones. Sorry no photos to show because we were too busy tasting everything and forgot…

Japanese BBQ is probably the most popular dinner in Okinawa. They are famous for their beef and meat. We come to this restaurant which we highly recommended to you. The meat are fresh and cut into decent size for BBQ. The meat are marinated with different sauces. It was so delicious, we ate so many plates of meat.

They also serve shaved ice as desserts. You get to shave your own ice cube and add different colour syrup to make it colourful! There’s also little mochi with vanilla or matcha filling.

Good thing about Okinawa is their stores open till pretty late. After dinner, there are still plenty of time to walk around. After a little bit of night shopping, desserts will be a great option before going back to hotel. Our recommendation is Pablo. They have the best cheese tarts and cheese cake!

Hope you enjoy this little post about Okinawa. I will keep posting more blog on Tokyo later! Stay tune!

October 3, 2016

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  1. I haven’t been to Okinawa yet I have been to Tokyo and Kyoto. Perhaps next time I’ll try to go there!! Sounds like you had a fun and relaxing trip!!! I want to try that salted soft serve. There are similar ice creams like that here but it’s not suited for my taste 😂😅😉.

    Also I am not a fan of bitter melon at all but I’d try it for the sake of trying something new 😊☺️

    1. Haha Okinawa is a beautiful place! It’s different from Tokyo, less crowded and very simple! It’s such a sweet little place with lots to see and have fun! Should definitely visit ❤️❤️😘😘

  2. I haven’t been to Okinawa but I would love to one day. I’m usually visiting Tokyo ☺️😊

    I’m not a fan of bitter melon either but I’ll try it at least once.

    Glad you had a great time with your hubby!!!

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