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Buying a mattress is probably one of the most important purchase life, since you will spend 318 months on your life lying on a bed. As part of our partnership with Polysleep Mattress, we had an interview with Deborah Nascia-Labouze, who kindly explained about the Poly Sleep concept, what makes them unique, and how to get better sleep quality!

Do you mind sharing the story of how Polysleep is founded and the philosophy behind Polysleep?

Matelas Polysleep was founded after seeing the huge growth in online mattress retailers.  The people behind the company had been in different areas surrounding the foam industry, some since the late 1960’s. We understand the market and what it takes to make a great product.  We also realized that today’s consumer is far more educated in matters of what they plan on purchasing.  Looking at the old way mattresses were bought and sold it is evident that by cutting out the middle man, we can deliver a quality product at a much more affordable price. The philosophy that drives us is that everyone should be able to sleep on a great mattress without being hassled and trick into purchasing more expensive products, especially when they are just as advanced if not even a little behind the Poly Mattress.

There have been a lot of competitions in the online mattress market today as customer can pick from Casper, Leesa, Endy, Novosbed, just to name a few. What make Polysleep unique from the other competitors?

Matelas Polysleep worked hand in hand with one of the oldest Canadian foam manufacturers to create a high-end mattress for a reasonable price.  Every piece of our mattress is made in Canada, more specifically Montreal.  Now for our mattress itself, we are the first to include side rails which give firmer support on the side of the bed to make it easier to complete everyday tasks such as putting on your socks or even rolling out of bed without having the foam mattress squish down like our competitors’.  We also have a liquid repellent mattress cover which makes staining or wetting the mattress virtually impossible.  Liquid will just bead up and wait to be cleaned with a paper cloth.  The mesh siding on our cover also allows our foam to breathe.  This helps the foam retain its original properties and function as it was designed to.  These are things our competitors have either not yet understood or cared to improve on.

Buying a mattress online seems to be a leap of faith as customers cannot see the mattress in person and try prior to purchases. How does Polysleep solve this problem? What if the customers find the bed too soft or hard after trying it for a couple of weeks?

We offer a 100-night trial, which allows our customers to sleep on the mattress for 100 days and nights.  Let’s face it, 100 days is a much better test on whether a mattress is for you than the conventional 10 minutes in a brick and mortar store.  We have free shipping and if a customer dislikes the feel, we issue a refund and send one of our regional partners to come pick up the mattress free of charge.  Those mattresses will then be donated or 100% recycled to make new materials for different industries.  We always do suggest trying the mattress for at least 2 weeks since your body needs to adjust to a new sleeping surface.  Generally, customers fall in love with their Poly Mattress after just 3 days.

The mattress in a box concept seems really cool. Can you briefly share the manufacturing process and how it is possible to fit a double sized mattress into a box sized similar to a skinny person?

Of course!  It’s quite an amazing sight, it surprises us every time and we make them!  Basically, once the mattress has been manufactured and is ready to be packaged, it is put on a special machine.  This machine compresses the mattress down from 10 inches to about 1.5 inches.  This procedure takes all the air found in foam out of it and succeeds in compressing it without damaging the properties of the mattress. It is then sealed in a plastic to keep the mattress from expanding during transport.  Finally, the machine rolls the mattress into the convenient sized cylinder that customers receive within their box.

Any tips on how to improve sleep quality, especially in modern days when most people seem to be sleep deprived?

You know, we keep reading and hearing everywhere, don’t use computers an hour before you plan on going to sleep, same thing with televisions, stay away from blue light, listen to calming music, don’t leave your cell phones or electronic devices in the room where you sleep.  All these surely help improve your sleep.  However, every trick in the book will not help you significantly if you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable sleeping surface.  We are firm believers that the first step to better sleep is bettering your mattress; without a great mattress, all the tricks listed above will never be enough to help you wake up refreshed and happy. Our Poly Mattress was designed to caress your body as you sleep to offer just the right amount of support and help guide you to better and happier mornings!


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