Polysleep Pillow Review: New Way to Fall Asleep


Good night everyone! Oh opps… I mean Hello… I am currently hugging the Polysleep pillow while writing this blog, and it constantly making me want to fall asleep because it is so soft and comfortable!

Now let me place the pillow aside and finish up this blog before going for a power nap with the amazing Polysleep pillow!

About Polysleep

Polysleep is a Canada based company located in Montreal, Quebec. On top of pillow, they also make very comfortable and sort mattresses! Everything are are Made in Canada. Every mattress and pillow comes with free shipping, 100-night trial and 10 years warranty! Check out our review of Polysleep Mattress and the Q&A blog about them!

Website: www.polysleep.com

Why The Polysleep Pillow?

It is true that there are tons of pillows in the market, ranges from low to high prices. What justify if it’s the right amount of money you are paying? From the quality of the pillow, the material, brand or your quality of sleep?

In my opinion, I believe the quality of sleep is the most important. I have try many pillows but this one from Polysleep is definitely something new for me. I have never seen a pillow that’s so smart with the design and also have all the comfort you need. The customizable height is so convenient for our everyday life. Let’s face it, we always have those days where our shoulders are hurting or there’s pain in our back. With this customizable height we can adjust the pillow freely depending on the day to make the best for our sleep!

4 layers of fun! Wow! Open up the pillow cover to reveal the secret to your beauty sleep! There are 4 layers of supportive form within the pillow, 2 x 1/4″, 1″ and 114“.

Check out my YouTube to see how it works!

Customize your Polysleep Pillow

How to customize your pillow?

With the 4 layers of supportive layers, you can roll the Polysleep Pillow, fold them, and stack them! Make it into the shape that fits you.

I like to look at my phone or iPad a little bit before sleep, and I use my pillow as a back and neck support. I have tried to roll up a thin one to make it a neck support! You can definitely try this method!


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