About Mokolate

Mokolate aims to bring good vibes and happiness to all followers, with focus on fashion, travel, food, lifestyle contents.

It is always a hard decision to choose a name, especially a name that you would probably be using for a good long time. Couple years ago when I started blogging for fun, I chose the name Mokolate. Little did I know, Mokolate is now a permanent name for my blog.

Why did I choose the name Mokolate? Surely it doesn’t sound anything related to anything, not fashion, not travel, or anything relating to my blog. But, this name is a representation of me. My last name and my favourite sweets, chocolate.

Mok + chocolate = Mokolate

By using this name I can remind myself of who I am and never lose that sweetness in me. Sometimes life gets a little bitter and I hope my photo and my writing can brighten up your days and bring good vibe to my audience.

About Crystal


I am Crystal, a Toronto-based lifestyle Instagram Influencer and blogger. I enjoy expressing my creative self and show appreciation of things in life through digital content creation, photography, and modelling.

Thank you for visiting the little blog of mine. Keep smiling and have fun!