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How to make Japanese Italian fusion prosciutto onigiri. Tasty, easy to make, and perfect for breakfast or lunch! Video tutorial included!
Doraemon Burger
Fun and easy recipe to make Doraemon Burger using San Daniele Mortadella! Easy recipe that only takes 5 mins to make! Video tutorial included
Fluffy Macarons
Learn how to make French macarons in the shape of cute Fluffy unicorn from Despicable me! Warning: the Fluffy macarons are so adorable that you may find them too cute to eat!
How to make Pikachu Cupcakes for all Pokemon Trainers! Easy recipe with video tutorial included!
I am sure a lot of people like Taco and Sushi, but have you thought of putting them together and become Taco Cats Sushi, or "Tacoshi"? That's something my hubby thought of and I made his imagination came true! Honestly, it's quite easy to make! To improve this recipe next time I will add in some sashimi too! This time...
Recipe for Mokolate's famous chewy chocolate cookies!
Secret recipe revealed for Mokolate's yummy red velvet cupcakes!
Everyone loves the cute, yummy, and delicious French macaron...only if they are not that pricy! A solution to that? DIY macaron! While there are so many different receipe around the internet on how to make macaron, they are actually very delicate creatures and very very difficult to master. After many trials (and failure), mokolate finally are able to consistently bake...
How to to make Hong Kong style Egg Tarts in under 10 mins!
How to make 36 macarons for the cost of 2 bakery made macarons and also have fun!