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I have always been wanting a Chanel Mini Square. Yes, I want it more than a classic flap or a boy bag. The size and length is just perfect for me. However, finding a mini square is not easy in Toronto. It was totally unexpected to find a Chanel Mini Square before my birthday! I still remember when the...
Gaston Luga
Hi travellers! Time for a new backpack I say? I often find that when I go travel, even though I would bring a cross body bag or a little shoulder bag with me but I honestly always just go back to my backpack. Nothing is more convenient than a backpack and leave both your arms free to do whatever you...
Want to get the latest fashion from Korea shipped directly to your home? Check out the wonderful selection offered by SOMETHIN' SWEET!
Holiday is fast approaching! Have you find your perfect heels yet?? I got some amazing ideas for you that will match a lot of your outfits! No matter if you are a colourful person or a neutral colour person, FSJ Shoes will have the perfect shoes for you to match your party outfit!
Winter is coming. Honestly, I am still a little behind on Game of Throne... but I have to use that line because winter is coming in a couple months. It been a pretty cool summer, I bet it would get pretty cold this year... anyhow! Today's blog will have you all covered on some all seasons lifestyle boots to...
Ladies, we gotta admit... we exercise is because not only for our health but also for a better figure. Let's face it, we women are probably the biggest spenders on this planet. And why? Because we like pretty looking things! When we see something pretty we just want to own it. All I want to say is... we can...
I have the biggest news for you! I have just discovered the best fragrance website to buy perfume and make up! They offer such great discount off retail price, and sometimes you can probably buy 2 of your favourite fragrance by using the price of 1 regular price! What web site am I talking about? It's Fragrancenet.com.  After seeing Fragrancenet.com, it...
Luxe Link
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Remember Me Green is a company that reuses NYC Billboard to create beautiful useful tote. Check out the quality of these totes and how they look!
Skye Footwear
Looking for new shoes for the summer? Check out The Rbutus and The Lons from Skye Footwear! Remember to use promo code "mizzmokSKYE" for 15% off!