The Luxe Link Review: Easily Order Fashion Items from USA

Luxe Link

Want to order items from USA but the stores don’t ship to your country? Here is where THe Luxe Link’s personal shopping service can help!

Use promo code MOKOLATE for $50USD off your first order!

Hey everyone! Been very busy lately and didn’t do too much of a fashion blog… I will try to maintain it a little better haha

Can I tell you a little back story before I start telling you about today’s topic? Back in HK when we go get gas in the gas station there’s usually someone who will help you. I really enjoy it, because honestly I am lazy. Especially in the winter time here in Toronto, I wish they would have this service. I enjoy not having to go thru so much trouble with it comes to consuming.

Anyways… the main point that I would like to bring up is that I like to do things the easy way and with the least trouble. I am a shopaholic and let’s face the truth US does have more choices than Canada, but the thing is the shipping and credit card might not always work on those US online shopping site. Or you might not have a US address to ship to and pick up. What can we do in this case?

Well, The Luxe Link can help!

What is The Luxe Link?

Luxe Link

The Luxe Link is a New York-based luxury personal shopping service. Anyone living outside of the USA can “shop like a local.” They give people the best access to the world’s biggest brands, as well as cool indie brands based in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and more.

The process is extremely easy! All you need to do is to find the product that you would like to purchase and do an online form to fill in some necessary information.

Submit your form and The Luxe Link team will contact you within a day to confirm whether the product has been purchased or not.

Luxe Link

They will charge a 10% service fee. Other wise everything is finished! All you need to do now is to wait for your awesome package to come to your door step!

Very simple right? Why not give it a try if you are outside of the US area and want to purchase something within the area. I mean honestly anything you can find online from any department store or little boutique that doesn’t do international shipping!

The Luxe Link Experience

I have always wanted the Bao Bao bag from Issey Miyake, but there are only limited selection in Canada. I used The Luxe Link’s service to order the bag from Bergdorf Goodman from New York. There are much more Issey Miyake selection, and is cheaper than Canada after converting from USD to CAD!

My experience with The Luxe Link has been nothing but positive. The staff were very friendly and considerate, and they helped me all the way to ensure I am picking the bag I actually wanted. They would even do price comparisons with other stores to ensure I am getting the best price!

After The Luxe Link received the item from the store, they would do a quick inspection to make ensure everything are fine, before shipping to the customers!

When buying from US to Canada, one thing to worry about is always the custom and duties. But with The Luxe Link, they use Fedex with prepaid duties. So no nasty duties and custom surprised when the mailman shows up with the package!

The whole process is very efficient. We placed the order with The Luxe Link on Monday, and the Bao Bao came to our door in Toronto on Friday!

Overall we enjoyed The Luxe Link’s service and would definitely use again when buying from US stores! Have fun shopping guys!  Remember to use code MOKOLATE for $50USD off first order over $200!


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