Remember Me Green Review: Unique Billboard Tote

I am so happy Summer is finally here! Have you notice the weather is a little weird this year? In Toronto, it can go from very sunny to rain and back to sunny again few times a day… but I am not going to complain at least its saving on my water bill haha… Unfortunately when it comes to my photo shooting time, it is a little tricky, seems like we can never plan ahead for the weekend, Oh well I think I should get a pretty umbrella this year just for rainy days photo πŸ˜‰

Having said that, how do you like a tote that will be ok under the rain and not having to worry too much of it being wet? I am very happy to be able to introduce you to “Remember Me Green: Billboard Tote”. The name pretty much explain what this tote is!

Remember me greenRemember Me Green is a company that reuses NYC Billboard to create beautiful useful tote. Can you imagine the quality of these totes? It is very structural and durable of course, since it can stand all the sun and rain when it was still a billboard! I love how light weighted it is too.

Remember me green

Each tote is totally unique, I doubt you can find an exact same one out there. Also you are able to customize it a little bit with some stencilling. I made mine saying “Just My Stuff :)” because I think it’s just a cute way to have people stay away from my bag when I am on a beach or somewhere public that I cannot always keep an eye on my bag.

Remember me green

Each of these totes are made with different billboards and you know whats special about it? You get to find out where your piece of billboard was originally. Mine is part of a Calvin Klein Billboard, how sexy πŸ˜‰

Remember me green

Honestly this tote is so useful and spacious. I got a medium size. It ranges from small, medium and large. For my figure I am 5 feet 4, the medium suits me best, its not too big or too small and provide the space I need to carry all my essentials!

This tote also comes with this rope like handle, which the material is very soft. When it’s sitting on my shoulder, it is not rubbing against my skin or make my skin irritated. Thats always a one plus! Totally loving this tote, and I cannot wait to see what you will create!


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