It’s a Bao Time / Tapagria Review: New tastes in Markham

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About It’s a Bao Time

It's a Bao Time

Address: 230 Commerce Valley Dr E #2a, Thornhill, ON L3T 7Y3
Phone: 905-771-8866

It's a Bao Time

It’s a Bao Time is a fusion restaurant located in Markham, serving different kind of buns, such as Chinese buns, Mexican taco, and Vietnamese bahn mi.

It's a Bao TimeThe restaurant’s name is a clever pun (It’s about time), and it is located in the space of former Go for Tea in Richmond Hill. It is a fast food style place with bright and colorful decorations. The back wall is an impressive mural, with an actual working clock hidden on the side.


It's a Bao TimeIt’s a Bao Time is best for lunch for all the offices around the area. They serve different kind of buns, bahn mi, and taco, stuffed with fusion Asian items such as Japanese fried chicken, Korean bulgogi, and Chinese pork belly.

It's a Bao TimeWe tasted the battered fish bao and the Japanese fried chicken bao. The bao were steamed nicely and very soft. The fried fish and Japanese chicken were fried perfectly and it is an interesting fusion to the traditional Chinese bao. There were veggie such as lettuce and tomato to complement the meat items.

It's a Bao TimeBeside buns, we also tasted their fries and poutine. We were especially impressed by their octopus poutine as this is something we have never tasted before. They are also famous for their kimchi fries.

It's a Bao TimeOverall we enjoyed this place and were impressed by their willing to try different fusion items. Recommend all Richmond Hill workers to come here to try for lunch!

About Tapagria


Address: 230 Commerce Valley Dr E #2, Thornhill, ON L3T 7Y3
Phone: 905-771-8868

Located on the same former location of Go For Tea is the Spanish restaurant Tapagria. It is probably the one of the only Spanish restaurant in Richmond Hill, or even York Region.

Tapagria has a sophisticated and fancy vibe with elegant décor inside the restaurant. There is a hidden patio outside that is surrounded by a green artificial grass wall. This wall is great to provide privacy as the restaurant is facing a busy parking lot and road.

TapagriaAs the name suggests, the place specialize in Tapas and Sangria. Menu mainly consist of small shareable plates known as tapas in Spanish. They are perfect go to go with drinks or for hot summer days when you don’t feel like too much food.

The Spanish meat ball is one of the most popular tapas. Portion is very generous as the whole small plate is stacked with meatballs, with at least 12 by our count.

Fried chicken is perfectly done with crispy skins yet moist and juicy interior meat. The spicy source and the white salad dress definitely tops off the flavor well.


Roasted bone marrow is another of the popular item. The meat is very tender and the spicy sauce gives it a good kick and perfect go with alcoholic drinks.

TapagriaChurros with dolce du leche is always our favourite and we had one of the best ever at Tapagria. It was warm and crispy and the caramel sauce just tasted so delicious.

TapagriaFor the drinks, we tried their signature sangria. It tasted great and it was easy to drink even though we are not alcohol lovers.

Overall we enjoyed Tapagria and it is definitely one of the more interesting food experiences you can find in Markham. It is the perfect place to go for hot summer days to go for a drink and share a few snacks with your friends!

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