Yumeyakata Review: Premium Kimono Experience in Kyoto Japan

Want to get the truly Japanese Kimono experience while in Kyoto, Japan? Check out the beautiful kimono and Japanese hospitality offered by Yumeyakata!

Hey guys!! Wow it’s been like 2 weeks that I haven’t really updated my blog much! I was slacking off to Japan for 2 weeks, I am sure you know already if you have been following my Instagrammmm… if you haven’t yet here’s the link to my account – Mizzmok πŸ™‚

During my trip, one of the most memorable experience was definitely the Kimono Experience in Kyoto provided by Yumeyakata. Prior to this, I have never tried Kimono or Yukata before… well I bought myself a piece of Yukata, but I was never successful in wearing. After trying on the Kimono, I realized it was nearly impossible to put it on myself.

Shall we get started to see the whole experience provided by Yumeyakata?

About Yumeyakata


Address: 128 Manjujicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8104, Japan

Website: https://www.en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com/

What if I don’t speak Japanese?


I first came in contact with Nikki who is in charge of the Instagram account of Yumeyakata. Nikki was very nice and friendly, she offered me to try their premium Kimono experience along with a studio photo shooting. On the day of, because Nikki has to work outside of the office, it was Michelle who helped me out. Michelle was wonderful, she was Cantonese speaking (so is Nikki). She helped me out a lot when I as a foreigner had almost no idea what was going on with all the Japanese speaking!

One thing that I really like about Yumeyakata, is they offer Cantonese and Mandarin speaking staff to help traveler like myself. They can also speak English, so that’s another great option for you to choose them!

Steps to get dressed in Kimono

1. Pick your Kimono

Yumeyakata Yumeyakata

After checking in at Yumeyakata, the first step is to pick out your beautiful kimono. Yumeyakata has thousands of kimono in store in any color and style you can imagine, so you can definitely find the kimono of your dreams!

Tip: One MAJOR suggestion that I can give you before you go for your appointment is picked out your outfit online and have it reserved for you! OMG, I had one of the earlier appointment around 9:30am and the store was packed already, and it will only get more busy later on. So please, browse their website and at least have an idea of what colour or pattern you would like, or else you will be stuck there for at least half an hour trying to see everything.


I gotta say I am really happy I have already picked and reserved my beautiful kimono online with Nikki, so I didn’t need to spend time browsing around! For the men section, the selection of course is much less than women. So I picked out a light blue for hubby to match my beautiful fuchsia colour. All the inner collar, belt and bow are custom match. They would bring in a few colour and you can see which combo you like the most.


Yumeyakata Yumeyakata Yumeyakata

2. Getting dressed

After picking the kimono, the staff brought us into the changing room where they have everything set up.

Kimono are actually very difficult to put on, but don’t worry, Yumeyataka’s friendly staff and licensed professional kimono dressers will guide and help you along the way!



As a Japanese tradition, they don’t like women haven’t a too curvy body when wearing kimono, they believed a round pole like shape is the most beautiful. Of course for me having such a curvy body (LOL) they have to put some towels around me to make me look like a pole hahaha


Honestly, the guys dressing up is match easier! He’s almost ready after putting on the outer layer.

Yumeyakata Yumeyakata

I can tell you, putting on this kimono is A LOT of work, and it’s not the world’s most comfortable wear. They tidy it very tight just below my boobs area and the whole time I walk around or sit, oh man that was tough! (and let’s not mention the little wooden shoes… I wish I was wearing my Stan Smith the whole time hahaha)


After about 30 hour I am all dressed up too!

3. Hair and Makeup

To make sure you look the most gorgeous in the kimono, make sure you get the hair and makeup too! Yumeyakata’s staff are very efficient and they set up my beautiful hair in no time!



Finally I am done! Wow, I am gorgeous right πŸ™‚


Photo Studio

Yumeyakata also has their own in house studio, where you can take indoor photo shoots. They will also provide cool props such as paper umbrella and samurai sword! Yumeyakata

We walked over to their studio for a shooting, it’s very close by less than 5 minutes walk. They usually do all their photo shooting here so is wedding photos.


We get to picked a few photos after the shooting and this was one of my favourite! You can keep a hard copy and soft copy, but we only picked soft copy because I am scared it will be wrinkle by the time it comes to packing.

Exploring Kyoto in Kimono


Finally you are ready to explore the beautiful city of Kyoto in kimono! There are lots of photogenic attractions within walking distance of Yumeyataka, we visited the Shōsei-en Garden and Higashi Honganji. However as the kimono shoes geta are not very easy to walk with, espiecally for first-timer, we would recommend bus or taxi if you want to go to other popular Kyoto spots such as Gion or Kiyomizu-dera.

Tips: I suggest bringing a little reusable tote with you. I mean yes we both have a little bag to match with the outfit, but having a camera, lens, phones and (snacks, water…etc) It’s easiest to bring a little tote with you. Just my opinion πŸ™‚

Premium Kimono Details


Yumeyakata’s premium kimono are beautifully handcrafted with decorations and stitching and are worn for attending a formal occassions such as a Gala show, WeddingΒ and Tea party.


Here’s a few detail of my beautiful Kimono, I truly think it’s the best time to wear Kimono in this beautiful Sakura season. In summer I would suggest Yukata as its lighter and less warm.

YumeyakataΒ  YumeyakataYumeyakata


Montsuki Hakama

With the men, the clothing is also very detailed. It was 3 layers, the inner white one, then a top and a jacket on top. I just love the details on these cloth, every stitch is beautiful. Also, the man gets a little bag to store his personal belongings in there too!

Yumeyakata Yumeyakata


Overall we enjoyed our experience with Yumeyakata very much, and we will strongly recommend to everyone visiting Kyoto and want the authentic kimono experience!

I hope you enjoy this little blog and my Kimono experience in Kyoto with Yumeyakata! We will have tons of travel blog coming soon, so stay tune for that! In the mean time if there’s another else you would like to see please let me know! I will do my best πŸ™‚

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  1. Wow your photos are incredible! I’ve always been in love with Japanese culture and I can’t wait to go to Japan and experience this for myself 😍😍

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