Arctic Bites Thai Ice Cream 

Hey! I am usually not a “go out on Sunday” person, but this morning I woke up and feel so energetic so I said to hubby, lets go out today and explore!

I am glad he was up for an adventure too, so we decided let’s go line up for the best Thai ice cream in town!

Arctic Bites Thai Ice Cream located at 21 Baldwin Street, Toronto

We arrived there around 4pm and the line up wasn’t so bad, there’s hubby (in white) patiently waiting in line for me while I wander around to take some photos for blogging and Instagram (visit my page for more photos)! It took us about 40 mins to get it, which wasn’t too bad, because we were standing a shade.

There are 8 options to choose from, but I think they change their menu from time to time. Because I saw photos from before they had matcha flavour but its no longer on the menu! So if you like this menu right here, you should go soon!

we picked the Taro and Milk Tea Flavour.

It was pretty amazing to watch them flipping and mixing the ice cream. However, these ice cream is not like the marble slap style, it doesn’t start with ice cream balls and then they smash and mix and chop them. These ice cream actually started in a liquid form. It was in a cup like a small drink in the flavour you chose and they pour it right onto the freezing pan and start mixing.

Very soon about a minute the liquid is all frozen and ready for rolling!

Taro Thai Ice Cream with Mochis, Condense Milk, and Whip Cream

Milk Tea Thai Ice Cream with grass jelly and condense milk

We really enjoyed the Thai ice cream, the flavour was so rich, its not like any regular scoop ice cream with a light flavour. I know this sounds funny, but the ice cream actually feels chewy. Every bite is full of Taro and Milk Tea flavour. I know it’s mouth watering right!

We would definitely recommend this place even if it might take you longer than an hour to wait in line (depending when you go)!

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Aug 28, 2016

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