Alkaline Planet Water Filter Pitcher Review

Alkaline Planet

What would you like to drink miss? A glass of water please.

That is what you will l mostly likely to hear if you are going out to eat with me. I typically don’t drink a lot of different beverages. Even tho hubby always stock up the fridge with 10 different kinds of drinks… he drinks it all mostly… For myself, I stick with my water. I don’t know if it was because my mom never really gave me anything else other than water or it’s just my own preference, but over the years it seems that I have always been only sticking to my favourite drink, Water. You might think I am weird, but water is seriously good for you. It hydrates you, it helps your blood circulate, it helps clean your internal system, It’s FATFREE a.k.a 0 Calories (this is the main reason I only drink water haha). Anyways, you get the point, water is good for you.

After knowing Woody (Founder of Alkaline Planet), I realized there could be MORE benefits in drinking water with the help from Alkaline Planet – Water Filter Pitcher.

About Alkaline Planet

First, I would love to give you a little bit of a background story about Woody.

“A few years ago I learnt I had low bone mass in my entire body including high risk for fracture in my lower back and pelvis. Being an otherwise healthy young man this was a shock to me and started to educate myself to learn everything I could do to reverse this condition that was brought about from a number of contributing factors.

Long story short, I learned about minerals, water, exercise and proper Supplements including vitamin D (which regulates calcium) and I’m on the road to recovery and am out of the osteoporosis zone now and at 38 years old I’m so happy to help people and share my story.” – Woody.
I am very glad to hear Woody is on his way for recovery and would love to hear from him when he’s fully recover! Haven’t said that, because of Woody’s condition, he researched and learned many different ways to improve his condition. One of them is drinking Ionized water.
This is why I would love to help woody spread out the words today, and get more people involved and spread the news! Ok enough of my blah, I am sure we are all very excited to see the unpacking of this amazing pitcher by – Alkaline Planet.

 Alkaline Planet – Water Filter Pitcher

Inside the box, you will find your Pitcher (in the colour that you purchased) and along with 2 water filters. This “Alkaline Water Pitcher is a Portable Water System that’s perfect for at home or on-the-go. It raises city water to between 9.5 – 10 pH and tests show it releases high antioxidants and minerals into the water while removing chlorine and other contaminants. It’s built using BPA free, food grade plastics that house a six layer filter featuring NSF & FDA approved ingredients so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality water ionization for you and your family.” – Alkaline Planet.
Each water filters = 925 bottles of water! You water filter is good for 3 months. That means there’s plenty of water for you and your family to drink! So drink away 🙂
Alkaline Planet
 I especially LOVE the easy flip up lid, it doesn’t get stuck to the bottle, and it doesn’t takes a lot of effort to open it. (For ladies like myself who always paint their nails… this is a big concern…)
Alkaline Planet
Also, the little little lid over the opening is a “drip and odour protection spout”. I love it because my water filter are always in the Kitchen, and this is so important that I don’t suddenly add a few drops of soap in there while washing dishes…
Alkaline Planet
WAIT, I know you are craving your water, but before you start using the pitcher you need to clean it first.
1. Patiently wait for your filter to soak 3 – 5 mins in water
2. Rinse and wipe any black carbon residue
3. Insert the filter
4. Fill and empty the first pitcher of water (DO NOT DRINK PLEASE)
5. Now you can enjoy your FILTERED, HIGH ALKALINE, MINERALIZED water!
Alkaline Planet

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