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Summer is slowly creeping out (finally…) I am prepping my skin to stay hydrated with some of BeautySense best products! Find out what they are 🙂

I love summer with the warm breeze and sun, much better than the cold cold winter… As much as I like summer, I also need to make sure I stay hydrated under the heat. For my body, I can drink a lot of fluid to maintain the balance. However for my skin, I will need extra work to make sure I get that sun-kissed skin but still stay hydrated and healthy!


BeautySense Your Next Beauty Destination

Where does everyone get their skin care from? Do you get it online or from department store? I prefer getting my skin care product online, because I find the choices in store are getting very limited, and they also don’t carry as much brand.

This is where BeautySense comes in! BeautySense is an online beauty shopping platform that offers over 65 brands from Bioderma, Esthederm, Shu Uemura, LaSpa, VivierSkin, Dr Renaud, Neo-Strata, and Clarisonic. They have a wide selections of skin care brands, and the best part is they offer free shipping over $29! Yes, you might be able to find these brand on their official sites and make your purchase, but you might have to spend more money on delivery fee. With a site that combines so many brands together, its like a beauty heaven! Here’s something a little extra for you:


Now shall we take a look at a few of my summer favourite?

Bioderma: Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution


One of my favourite cleanses and make-up remover is gotta be the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. I always use it to remove my makeup before shower, and it gives me that feel of instant freshness. In the morning, I can even use it to cleanse my face without the need to rinse after. I only need to apply drops to a cotton pad and just whip my face and I am ready to put on makeup! The best part is that this is a fragrance-free, and alcohol-free cleanser. Cleanser is very important to me, because if it doesn’t clean my skin nicely, my skin care won’t have much effect as they don’t get absorbed! This is the first step you need to keep you skin hydrated!

They also have a 100ml travel size for $9.90!

You can buy it: Here.


Vivier C E Peptides

BeautySenseI have to be honest. I have tried some serums before, but they are always oily and clog my pore which results acne… At first I was uncertain about this serum, I was scared that it will do the same. However, I decided to give it a try after reading some great comments. I open the bottle and the citrus scent was so refreshing! I applied 2-3 drops to my fingers and spread it around on my clean, and dried skin. It absorbed instantly. It was not oily at all, it was more like a solution and it did not leave my face feel like having a film of oil on top. Then I proceed to apply my own skin care. It actually help absorb my skin care better. Usually when I only apply my own skin care, it doesn’t absorb as well. How do I know? Because after applying my own skin care, when I wear my glasses, it will keep sliding on my nose. However, after using the Vivier C E Peptides, my glasses didn’t go flying anywhere. Then I know it absorbed very well! Weird way to tell, but hey it’s true fact!

The benefit of using this serum is to helps reduce signs of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture and tone, restore a radiant complexion and even skin tone and smooth skin texture. The serum is formulated with pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid USP), Vitamin E and a unique peptide combination, this patented medical grade serum helps bring damaged skin back into balance.

I would totally recommend this Vivier C E Peptides serum to you. I know the price is not cheap. However, you only use 2-3 drops a day. I have been using it for the last 2 weeks, and it feels the solution didn’t move at all. I think a bottle would last very well for half a year or longer.

You can buy it here for $174.50


Laboratoire Dr Renaud: Pure Overnight Youth Concentrate


It says in the name. Overnight youth. It does what it says. This is a very thick gel like cream. I use it after applying the Vivier C E Peptides, it gets absorbed and then when I wake up, my skin feels much brighter!

You can buy it here for $90.00


LaSpa: Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30


Want that sun kissed skin but not get burn? You must apply your sunscreen! I don’t usually get peeled skin when I expose myself to the sun. However, I know some people can get quite sensitive to the sun. Even tho I don’t get peel-ed skin, but I still need to do some protection to my skin before going out to the sun. I like sunscreen that are light weight are not sticky. This Mineral Sunscreen from LaSpa is light weight and can apply to face and body. It also has a water resistant for 80 mins!

You can buy it here. $40




I hope you enjoy reading my top picks for summer! BeautySense also offer a point system to collect points to use as real money for your products! Start shopping today and you can consult their online beauty expert for advise! Happy shopping 🙂





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