Kindness Never Goes Out of Style at Vaughan Mills!

Hello Hello! How’s everybody’s February? I know it’s almost the end of this month and do you have any plans for last few days in February? Can I suggest something very meaningful to you? Right now at Vaughan Mills Shopping Outlet, they are having a campaign to raise the Awareness of Anti-Bullying in School. On Wednesday, I was very happy to be able to attend to their pink shirt day concert and be a part of this great campaign. Let me show you a little bit about it!

Right now at Vaughan, they are having a little pop up shop to show case some of these wonderful pink shirt designed by children from school. You can vote which design you like the most! Also, they have a regular pink shirt saying “Kindness never goes out of style” for sell at $20 each! Be sure to show some support! #MakeKindnessYourStyle

Inside the pop up store, there’s also a huge pink wall with loads of sticky notes written by all the awesome people who dropped in to the pop up store! Of course I wrote my little note too! It’s a beautiful wall right 😀

After checking out the pop up store, I headed out and the pink shirt concert is about to start! Katie, has leaded the beginning of the concert by telling us some meaningful insights to anti-bullying and a few facts of bullying. I love this girl, she is always so positive about everything in life! Ever since I met her last time during the Sick Kids Love Lock Wall campaign, she made a great impression to me. Her passion and her enthusiasm is what I admire from her! (Also the VMLoveLockWall campaign is still there in Vaughan Mills shopping centre, be sure to check out and participate!)

Following is the concert! That night we have Tyler Shaw, Megan DeAngelis and Ryland James to perform for us! Their passion to music is amazing and the DJ music provided by 99.9 Virgin Radio is absolutely awesome!

I had a wonderful night and this is something that you can participate in and be a part of it! Show some support to them and help our kids to have a save and happy life in school! This can apply to everyone else too not only in school but in our workplace or even just on the street! Please step up and help the ones that are in need!

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