NINJA WiFi Japan Review: Unlimited Speediness


Visiting Japan and want to stay connected everywhere without worrying about data charges? Check out NINJA WiFi, where their completely flat rate and completely unlimited pocket WiFi router will get you covered anywhere in Japan!

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About NINJA WiFi


Used by more than 11 million customers around the world, NINJA WiFi is a service that rents Mobile WiFi Routers for use in Japan.

Some may ask why choose Mobile WiFi rather than sim card or roaming? Here are three key advantages:

  1. Cost: NINJA WiFi only costs 900 JPY per day for unlimited use! North American carriers have much higher roaming costs for Japan for limited data
  2. Work for all devices: If you use sim card or roaming, there is no guarantee that your phone will work with the Japanese networks
  3. Convenience: Have all your devices connected to WiFi at all time, no need to worry about bad hotel WiFi or swapping sim cards

Pickup and Setup

Picking up and setting up NINJA WiFi is extremely easy. NINJA WiFi has a booth in Tokyo Haneda Airport International terminal. Just head there after you completed your long flight, provide them your reservation details, and you are good to go!

Beside Haneda, NINJA WiFi also has airport pickup options for all major airports in Japan, including Narita, Kansai, Naha, and New Chitose. Check here for full list!


All the WiFi SSID and password details are located on the front of the router, so just type in the password and you are connected to the best 4G LTE network in Japan!

Speed Test and Usage

NINJA WiFi uses the Softbank 4G LTE network, which is both Japan’s widest and most reliable 4G LTE Networks. There is coverage basically in all areas across Japan, so you can stay connected no matter where you go.

For this trip, we visited lots of places across Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Numazu, Sendai, and Hokkaido. We had no issue with connections and were impressed with the speed no matter where we were!

We ran several speed tests and was able to get download of 40 Mbps and upload of 21 Mbps! This is fast enough for all your usual internet activities, such as live video streaming, FaceTime, Instagram Stories, YouTube, gaming, and catching up with all the social medias! Being a Toronto Raptors fans, we were able to stream the NBA Finals on our phone during the trip. Thank you to NINJA WiFi for allowing us to catch the Raptors’ historic first NBA championship even while we were on the Shinkansen!

The battery life of the the Mobile WiFi is very good and can last the whole day. So just charge it overnight and you will be ready for the next day! For the heavy users, NINJA WiFi also offers an optional spare battery, so you don’t need to find a plug during the day and can stream all you need!


After 2 wonderful weeks in Japan, with all the wonderful food, scenary, and people, sadly the trip has come to an end and we have to fly back to reality.

Returning NINJA WiFi is easy, just pack everything back into the pouch, go back to the counter where pickup, and drop off the pouch in the special return box.

NINJA WiFi Review

Overall we enjoyed NINJA WiFi’s service a lot. Having unlimited internet is a big advantage as you don’t need to worry about cost and can do whatever you need. Performance is also very good and speed were impressive and consistent throughout Japan. NINJA WiFi also has excellent customer services and was able to provide responses very quickly. Pickup and return are also easy and happens right at the airport.

We highly recommend NINJA WiFi to all Japan traveller, and will definitely use again when we visit Japan again in the future!

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