Nugateau Review – Toronto’s Parisian Éclair Experience

Éclair are definitely one of our favourite pastry. We still remember vividly the first time we have boutique éclair in Paris, the choux dough was filled with delicious cream, and topped with eye-catching icing to make the éclair super mouth-watering!

Even since we had the wonderful éclair in Paris, we have always want to find that taste in Toronto. There was no pastry in Toronto that can create the authentic French éclair case, until Nugateau finally arrived.



Address: 717 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E6

Phone: (647) 748-7001


Cost: ~$10 per person

Opened in Dec 2015, Nugateau is the first and only éclair-only patisserie in Toronto. Owner Abm Kadir, along with his France-trained pastry chef, is passionate about food and aim to create the recreate ultimate éclair experience in Toronto.

Located on the trendy Queen Street West area, Nugateau has a modern and  brightly decorated interior. The shops has open concept as you can see directly into the kitchen where all the wonderful éclair are being created.


Eclair Selections

Nugateau offers a seasonal menu created in house by its chef. All the éclair creations are reflection of the multicultural flavors of Toronto, with use of Japanese Matcha and yuzu, Brazillian coconut, Tanzania single origin choocolate, Tahitian Vanilla bean, and many more other international flavors. The menu is completely changed every season. We tried their Fall / winter 2017 collection during our visit!

Nugateau offers three kinds of éclair: Eclairs Classic ($5 for single, $28 for six-pack), Eclairs Delux ($6 for single, $34 for six-pack), and Eclairs Savoury (salty eclair with ham, foie gras, or smoked salmon inside instead of sweets)

We have tried a selection of éclair, and they are all excellent and amazingly delicious. We were so glad that we are able to found the Parisian eclair experience in the heart of Toronto! There is no more need to fly to France for this delicious pastry!

Matcha Yuzu

Here is the Matcha Yuzu, with the yummy organic Japanese matcha mousse inside, and white chocolate glaze and Yuzu Gelee on the outside coating. This is a very unique fusion pasty and we highly recommend it!


The 6IX

We especially like The 6IX, which is a maple creme eclair with Canadian maple and walnut cream filling. The most amazing part is that it it topped with white chocolate Toronto skyline!


Cookies ‘N Milk


Another one of the most popular eclair at Nugateau is the Cookies ‘N Milk, which is a chocolate eclair encruted in chocolate sable crumble sandwtiched in between rich Opalys Cream and Chocolate Perals. The most creative part is the shot of real milk that is on top of every eclair! It tastes like eclair version of Oreo, it is amazing and a definite must try!

January Special – Lunar New Year


Beside the seasonal menu, Nugateau also offers a monthly special celebrating the month’s theme. For example, the monthly special in January 2017 celebrates the Lunar New Year. And for February, of course, it is Valentine’s Day themed.



Nugateau also offers tea and coffee to go with the eclair. They carry tea from Palais De Thes, which is difficult to find in North America. We tried the English Breakfast tea and it is definitely one of the best tea bag we ever had!

Here is the full drink menu:



Overall we enjoyed our visit to Nugateau very much and we would recommend all foodie to stop by the Queen Street West location at least once to try these delicious pastry! Also, throughout 2017, Nugateau will be opening pop-up shops similar to the one they had in Yorkdale earlier this year. Be sure to watch out for those too!


Hope you enjoy this review of Nugateau and enjoy eclair as much as we do! In the meantime, be sure to visit my Instagram – Mizzmok for more fashion and lifestyle idea!

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