Poppy and Peonies – The Essential 3 Way Wallet Review

Poppy and Peonies

I cannot wait to go on vacation again… just came back not too long ago and already craving for another adventure… I think we should go for a sunny destination, with palm tree and light breeze from the beach maybe along with some Disney characters running around?? *hint hint*? hahaha I am already dreaming about it! If you have any tips or hints about this vacation please let me know, I would really appreciate it!

Having said that, have you check out my blog last week on another Poppy and Peonies product – the getaway bag?

If you haven’t the link is right here: Poppy and Peonies – Getaway Essentials

Poppy and Peonies – The Essential

Poppy and PeoniesToday, I would love to show you another great product from Poppy and Peonies! Omg it’s so cute and super versatile. I got mine in the champagne gold colour because I thought it can bring a little sparkle to my outfit and when I am on a little getaway, this would be perfect for all my outfit! So what is this cute little bag I am talking about?

Poppy and PeoniesLet me introduce you to “the Essential champagne gold“. I am sure you have seen this kind of design else where. However, with the price point, material, colour and details, I would go for Poppy and Peonies.

Poppy and Peonies
Poppy and Peonies The Essential is not only a wallet, but it can also be a cross body for day time and a clutch for night events. All you need to do is to snap on the cross body strap or the wristlet strap and you are good to go! Or if you find its too much you can take everything off and just use the wallet itself! (the tassel can also come out, but why would you want to do that because its so cute and glamours! I am a huge fan to tassels, they are just the best!)

Poppy and PeoniesPoppy and Peonies The Essential is also great because IT FITS MY iPHONE 6s PLUS! OMG RIGHT?! It fits in no problem at all, easy to take out and easy to put in. It got me sooooo excited when it fits! Also, it has 12 credit cards slots, 2 bill compartments AND a zipper coin purse! Are you checking out this purse yet, cuz I would be!

Poppy and PeoniesI just love how casual it can be and you can also dress up and bring it out with you. This champagne colour I am so in love with it! What do you think?

Poppy and Peonies

Hope you enjoy this little review on Poppy and Peonies The Essential, please let me know if there’s any questions! I will do my best to answer them 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my little review on the wallet by Poppy and Peonies! Please let me know if you have any questions, I will try my best to answer them!

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