Roam Mobility Review: Cheap US Data Sim for Canadians

Roam Mobility

Want to stay connected during your trip to United States? Check out sim cards from Roam Mobility! It only costs $4.95 per day and you can have 1gb of 4G LTE data every day!

About Roam Mobility

Roam Mobility is based out of Vancouver and caters for Canadians traveling to the US. The biggest advantage with Roam Mobility is cost, convenience, and flexibility.

Cost – Roam’s daily plan is $4.95/day with 1GB of 4G LTE data. This is much cheaper than most Canadian carrier’s roaming plan ($6 per day with use of data from your account quota)

Convenience – Set up the sim card while you are still in Canada and you can use if right when you land in US! No need to purchase sim in airport

Flexibility – With daily plan option you can just pay for days you need to use data. Perfect for weekend or short trips.

How to set up

There are 3 steps in setting up Roam Mobility:

  1. Get the sim card
  2. Sign up for plans online
  3. Set up APN

Getting Sim Card

We ordered the sim card from Roam Mobility website, but you can also get them from Petro Canada or Staples. Each sim cost $9.95 and can be reuseable. If you travel in party of 2, be sure to save and get the 2-pack sim for $14.95!

Activate Sim and Sign Up Plans

After getting the sim cards, next step will be signing up for the plans that is suitable on Roam Mobility’s website.

Roam offers daily plan, monthly plan, snowbird plans, or data-only plan. Check out the plans here. We found the daily plan to be the best value since you get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 1GB of 4G LTE data, and unlimited 2G data for only $4.95 per day. Best thing is that you can pick the start time for the daily plan so it can align with the time you land in US and no need to pay for time you don’t need.

Set up APN

We tried Roam Mobility on both iOS and Android and no APN setting was required. But just in case here are the instructions to set up Roam’s APN.

Speed Test

Roam Mobility uses the T-Mobile network in United States and there is basically coverage in the whole of US. You can check the coverage map here.

For our trip we visited Orlando, Daytona Beach, Port Canaveral area of Florida. We had 4G LTE coverage throughout the whole trip. Speed is also quite impressive as we were able to get 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speed. The speed test below were taken inside Walt Disney World.

Roam Mobility


Overall we are very satisfied with Roam Mobility service. The sim cards are easy to set up, and it was a wonderful feeling to be always connected right when you landed in US. The speed and coverage are excellent and we had no problem using it for Instagram stories or live vlog. Highly recommend to all Canadian travelers heading to the US!

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